4 Porny Moves that Don’t Work with Women

Unfortunately, with the proliferation of porn these days, there is a large disconnect between expectation and reality when it comes to sex. Good sex isn’t necessarily about degradation, casual violence, and domination in the way that a lot of porn suggests.

Good sex, hot sex, satisfying sex, often comes from both participants sharing in the experience and having a nice time, not so much in one partner (the guy) kicking the other one (the girl) up and down a field like a dirty football.

What I’m saying here is that maybe you think something is hot, or maybe you think something is the way things should be during sex, but actually the person you’re with might not be enjoying it at all.

4 Porny Moves to Avoid

1. Creampie or Facial

Every other porn scene made in the last twenty-five years ends with a guy jerking himself off onto a woman’s face. In reality, having had quite a wide variety of sexual partners, I don’t think a single one of them has ever wanted or requested that I come on her face. Frankly, I don’t see the point of it.

Visually it may be interesting for a camera, but in reality it’s impractical and not very sexy. It seems to be more about humiliation than anything sexy. Think about it, would you want a face full of jiz?

2. Cock Gagging

Do you want a blowjob or do you want to just torture somebody? The nice part about receiving oral sex is being able to lay back and have someone take care of you at their pace.

Again, feeling a need to choke someone with your cock feels more like an insecure need to dominate, rather than anything sexy. I guarantee you that virtually every woman on the planet doesn’t want to be gagged.

3. Spanking

I have had a couple of women specifically ask to have their ass smacked while we were in doggie position, and this made me assume that most women liked it. However, after chatting with some female friends before compiling this list, I understand that not all women appreciate having their ass smacked.

More gals, it seems, enjoy spanking as part of a dom-sub role play that gets both parties off. Gentle spanking is probably better than rough, but that’s why discussing limits and boundaries is always a good a idea with new partners before just having at it.

4. Raw or Unprotected Sex

Raw sex happens in porn, yes. In reality, however, it is not a good idea. Besides the eighteen years of imprisonment you both may face with an unwanted child, you ought to be aware that antibiotic resistant STIs are on the rise nowadays. Expecting or forcing the issue of unprotected sex, or coming inside someone without establishing serious trust first are extremely selfish and callous practices.

Look, there will always be women who want a porny type move. BUT, if they want it, they will ask you for it. Don’t assume they want it, or that it’s normal. Porn isn’t a reflection of real sex. If you want to see a more natural reflection of how sex should be on screen, watch some of the old 70s porn. That stuff was a lot closer to reality.

Are there porn moves that you have tried, that women enjoy? Please share in the comments!

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