Don’t Have a Type: The Secret to More Sex

Ever wonder how some guys seem to have a constant parade of hookups and lovers while you’re home alone, ordering pizza again, and waiting for that petite and busty brunette to message you back?

Ever find yourself at a pub with your mates, where the lot of you start rating babes at the bar? You might have noticed that some dudes have very specific tastes, while others seem to have no “type” are more open to a variety of women.

You can try all kinds of things to increase your chances with women and have more sex. But the number one way to find yourself with more options is to expand your horizons. For guys who don’t have a type and see something to like in every girl, the pool is a hell of a lot larger!

Be Open-Minded to Different Types of Women

We all have our unique tastes and attractions, but our preferences don’t have to dictate our limits. Expanding your interest and experimenting with all kinds of women is the sure way to more pussy.

I’m not talking about having no standards or desperately taking whatever scraps come your way. I’m talking about being open-minded, realistic, and adventurous.

How often do you hear in real life or on a podcast about finding amazing casual sex or a great love connection, when one of them says, “And we went out, even though she wasn’t my type. And I saw stars.”

The truth is, most of us find more sex or eternal love outside of “our type.”

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Don’t Have a Type: Have More Sexual Options

For example, if your “thing” is for skinny redheads, chances are, even if ten girls hit on you at the pub, none of them will be your type.

I have a friend who is especially attracted to Japanese women. And no kidding! Not hard to see why. But he moved to Japan and lives there now. That might not be the kind of leap you’re willing to take.

A girlfriend of mine has a very strong attraction to Native American guys. She’s part native herself, so that makes perfect sense. The problem for her was that there were only a few guys who fit the bill in the city she worked in. She decided to start dating other guys and discovered there were lots of ways she could experience sexual attraction.

Another friend is six feet tall, and she was powerfully attracted to guys who were taller. She wouldn’t date anyone shorter. Dates were hard to find! Well, she ended up going out with a guy whose profile she misread. He’s half a foot shorter, and she likes to wear heels! But she was intrigued when he didn’t give a toss about it, and unexpectedly found kinky sex she could only dream of before they met.

Maybe you feel like don’t have a type, that you’re open and like all women already. One way most of us limit ourselves without being aware of it is that we prefer to date people our own age. We automatically put it down in our profiles, that we’re looking for someone in a similar age range. But this limits most of the men or women out there!

If you’re not sure you’ll enjoy the same hot sex you love with someone who is older, younger, thinner, chubbier, shorter, taller, or has a different cultural background or different kinks, I can’t think of anything more exciting than finding out!

Experiment, play, explore. Fool around and see where it goes.

Do you have a type? Do you date outside that type sometimes? Share your story in the comments!

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