How to Find Local Sex Parties

It’s not easy to make the stars align for sex with one person, much less ten! So how do you go about making sex parties a reality in your life?

What Is a Sex Party?

Sexy people want to know, and for the curious, let me share. A foursome is four people fucking, an orgy is five or more people fucking, and a sex party is generally ANY gathering of sexy people that numbers 9 or 10… or more!

A sex party is also a group of people at an entertaining place that all intend on sharing each other sexually, and possibly verbally, emotionally and intellectually.

An orgy is a more private form of sex party, and a sex party MIGHT be considered a more open gathering of folks who consensually and collectively gather to have sexy times together.

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Sex may include full-on penetration, oral sex only, or some other unexpected activity. Whatever you want to do at your sex party is your prerogative!

There are boundaries and questions that might have to be answered before someone accepts your request to show up at their sex party. Such as “Have you been tested recently?” or “Do you play around with men and women and trans people too?” or “Do you consume drugs or alcohol at private parties?” or “Will you respect other people’s boundaries around consent, especially if you are under the influence of some substance?”

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Focus on being a good guest before trying to get ahead of yourself and fuck five people in one night. Play your cards right, and this can happen at your next sex party! But you really have to have your shit together and make sure you’re the kinda person that would get the invitation to a sex party in the first place.

5 Tips to Find a Local Sex Party

1. Go to Sex Clubs

First thing you can do to experience a sex party is to go your local sex club, which is where most people start off, and/or choose to join others in public and have sexy fun.

The best sex clubs will provide all the good stuff you will want at your sex party: condoms, lube, places to fuck, water to drink after you fuck, maybe a dance floor and a place to get a drink and have conversations to get to know who you want to fuck at the sex party!

Make sure not to drink a lot your first time, as you’ll want to keep your wits about you. Any sex club that’s safe will have rules for you to follow and learn, and you will follow them happily, so you don’t get kicked out.

So pay admission, listen to the guidelines, go in and be chill, and start to talk to some people so you can find out who is into you, and vice versa. Then ask a prospect politely and ask once for some simple, basic sexy fun, and see what happens!

You might have an orgy, or you might go home to masturbate that night. Never expect to fuck at a sex club or sex party, just plant good seeds of connection and water them with kindness and consent.

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2. Join the Swingers Scene

There have always been swingers communities in every big city and usually in small towns too, and they are quiet but active. Swingers are couples who are open to fucking other partners, often married, and who host private home sex parties where people mix and mingle sexually.

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Use the internet, use sex club bulletin boards, ask your friends at the sex club, talk to people and respectfully inquire about the swingers scene. Or go old school and look for a woman who is wearing an anklet, toe rings, thumb rings, or possibly has even switched her wedding ring to the right hand.

Some people use a pineapple on their front porch to mark their house as a swinger party spot. Just like some gay men used to wear handkerchiefs in their back pocket or wear a hoop earring to denote they were gay, there are swinger signs and symbols.

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3. Meet Group Sex Lovers Online

Do a search on your computer for “swingers groups in my town,” and you will find whatever your community has to offer publicly for finding swingers around you who are active.

It can take time to build the trust and foundation necessary with people who might decide to invite you to their sex party. You will have to offer something, bring something to the table, or do something to add value to the group, instead of just being a leech who jumps onto the most sexy option you can find online.

There are secret communities that might be harder to find, but persistence and patience can pay off. There are rules and regulations online just like there is off, and they may be more harsh because the internet has so many trolls and haters and critics that spend their days ruining other people’s lives.

Be the opposite of those people and try to find, support, chat with and befriend other sex party enthusiasts. Good luck!

4. Host Your Own Sex Party

You know what they say: If you want something done right, you gotta do it yourself! Once you have been to a few sex parties, met a few sex party friends, been to some sex clubs, and found some swingers out there, you will be ready and able to put together your own sex party, if willing to dive into the deep end!

You will need comfortable places for people to have sex (couches, beds, soft carpets and pillows on the floor, sex furniture, mattresses, lots of blankets, a BATHROOM, a working shower, lots of condoms, lots of lube, lots of sex toys if you want and choose, music, drinks and snacks, nice lighting, and whatever else you want to add to the proceedings.

Gather ideas on what you can add to your sex party and sexy home. It might be hard to host a sex party and participate in it, unless you have some help. So get some of your friends to be security watch to make sure everyone’s having a good, safe time, before you take a break and get down in your own sex party!

You deserve to have some fun too, but make sure things are all good before getting down. That said, don’t be afraid to have a sex party at YOUR place some day!

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5. Create Online Content

It’s easy to start up a sexy website or OnlyFans account or share amateur porn. Creating content can also turn into a money-making venture. That may be a step too far for you and your friends, so just do something else with your content.

Share it with friends, post it in a private group chat, make a private webpage for you to share videos and chat, and carve your own destiny out. Content creators are often open to sex parties and group sex scenarios, so they are good people to ask. If they have a place to shoot, you have a place to fuck.

Amateur porn is a great place to discover ideas and see how others have fun in their sex parties, so you should be as open minded as you can be about where to find sex party candidates. It’s not easy, but with the right amount of persistence and an open mind, you WILL discover your local sex party community and know how to behave when you receive The Golden Invitation To Your First Sex Party!

And then your sex party journey begins, and all lucky eyes will watch you fucking multiple friends in a frenzy of delight and community carnality! Party on, Wayne! Party on, Garth!

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