Making a Sex Video: Dos and Don’ts

So you and your casual hookup have a good thing going, but your romantic encounters are getting almost routine. Any kind of relationship whether serious or casual occasionally needs a new spark, right? So you’re thinking about making a sweet sex video of you and your lady doing your thang. Well, I’m here to tell you: sex videos involve a little more than pressing the record button and yelling action! There are many things to consider and some etiquette to go along with this naughty little sub genre of filmmaking.

Sex Video Tips and Strategies

Think It Through
Before you even pick up a camera, ask yourself: Do you trust your partner? Does he or she trust you? Do you REALLY feel comfortable being filmed while having sex? Is your confidence level high enough?  Where is this video going to be stored? Will you share it with others, or is it just for the two of you? What happens if you break up? There are many precautions to take before taking the plunge into amateur porn.

Sound and Vision
What’s the point of drumming up the courage to make this video, if you have no plan for how it’s going to look and feel? Do you want to film some random penetration, or are you going to have an auteur’s eye and make the video somewhat artful. Is there going to be a plot or script?  Are you going to choose one favorite position or multiple positions. Who’s going to film – both of you, one of you, or a third party? Consider what will turn you and your partner on the most when you watch the final product. How much noise do you want? Maybe a little screaming, grunting and groaning? Will you look into the cameras or pretend it’s not there. Plan these things, and trust me, it will make for a sexier, naughtier, more enjoyable film! Also, you may find that you and yours have different ideas. Well, easy solution: make two videos! That’s a two-for-one special right there, son!

The Comfort Zone
One thing I would definitely avoid is being coerced into anything you wouldn’t normally do in the sack. Just because filming yourselves having sex is new, doesn’t mean that you have to try things out that you’re not already comfortable with. Besides, do you really want to look at the final cut and see yourself awkward and uncomfortable having sex. Hell, no! If you stick to your strengths and stick to the game plan,  it’s hard to lose!

Consent Is Everything
This should go without saying, folks. Do not, under any circumstances, film your partner without their consent. This is highly illegal, extremely invasive, and morally wrong. Would YOU want to be filmed without knowing? Absolutely not! So why would you do it to someone else. Case closed. End of story!

So, there you have it, folks. Consider what I’ve written and you could be the next Steven Speilberg. Ok, not really, but you will have a kick-ass sex tape to watch over and over.

Have you ever made a sex tape? How was the experience? Any regrets?

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