How to Make a Woman Squirt in 10 Steps

Do you know how to make a woman squirt?

The G-spot orgasm—you know the one. She’s so excited and horny, she just has to squirt. She’s straddling you and jumping up and down on your cock, moaning and screaming and clenching her legs. Then she starts to climax and a jet of female ejaculation streams from her pussy as she comes hard. She squirts so much that it sprays on her tits and thighs and all over your dick. The look on her face is pure bliss.

Problem is, this steamy scene is usually in porn.

You CAN make a woman squirt in real life. Here’s how to give her a squirting orgasm that will drench you in girl cum from head to toe.

Squirting 101: What Is Female Ejaculation?

How to Make Her Squirt

1. Foreplay Is Essential

You’ll have to put in the time. You won’t make her squirt during a quickie. She needs to be very relaxed and REALLY into the sex. This isn’t the get-off-and-get-it-over-with sex when you want to watch a special after. Start off with a slow simmer, lots of kissing, lots of touching, deep making out, and wait to take off the clothes until she can’t stand it anymore.

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2. Intense Arousal Is Key

As with all the best sex with women, the more aroused she is, the better the sex. Her body can climax at a low level of arousal, and it feels great. But the hornier she gets and the higher she gets, the more possibilities there are. The nerves that are deep inside and alongside her vagina are more ‘turned on” when SHE is more turned on.

A woman cannot squirt if she is only moderately horny and aroused. Lots of teasing, lots of orgasm edging—take her to that brink over and over. The more her tissues swell up and crave orgasm, the more she’ll squirt.

Woman Having squirting Orgasm

3. Cunnilingus Will Help Get Her There

The best way to increase her arousal is through oral stimulation. Lick, suck, bite, lap at her clitoris and labia. Use her favorite strokes. Use a dildo or your fingers inside of her once she is very aroused, while you continue licking that pussy.

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4. Find Her G-Spot

An understanding of female anatomy is very helpful in advance. Not just where her clitoris is, although that is absolutely essential. Take a look at G-spot illustrations and other medically thorough anatomy pictures of a woman’s vulva, vagina, bladder, uterus, and internal organs. There’s a lot going on inside!

A well-meaning lover kept pushing into the back wall of my vagina with hooked fingers, insisting I would squirt to the ceiling when he was finished with me. No.

The G-spot is about two inches along the top wall of the vagina (towards her belly button, not her ass hole.) When she is aroused, the walls of her pussy will be soft and squishy and swollen. Feel around for a spongy bit that is a bit ridgy. They often say “like a walnut” but not hard. Think squishy and kind of ropy, like a small brain.

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You won’t find her G-spot when she isn’t mega aroused. Or if you can feel it, it won’t feel great for her to have it poked and prodded. So you don’t want to go diving for her squirt buttons when she’s only mildly turned on. Pressure on the G-spot feels unpleasant for many women, but everything changes when she’s already very aroused.

5. Experiment with Squirting Positions

Many women find lying on their back is best for squirting. But play around to find the best variation. A pillow under the butt can work wonders. Sitting straddling a stability ball gives her control and flexibility but still gives you access to her vagina and G-spot. Lots of women enjoy G-spot stimulation more if they are sitting, so you can have her straddle you in a way where she leans back and you use your hands.

She may find her stomach is the best position, with you going in from behind. This makes the angle for G-spot stimulation and squirting ideal, but it also cuts off access for her to play with her clit. If she often gets off humping a pillow or rubbing into something, then this may be great for her.

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6. Choose Your Lube

Even if she’s super-horny she may not get as wet as she wants to get to the female ejaculation part. That’s because our vaginas often lubricate early on in our arousal and don’t always stay wet enough for long marathons. Have her favorite lube handy and use it liberally.

making a woman squirt

7. Use Your Fingers to Make Her Squirt

The standard, classic make her squirt technique is to insert two fingers, and move them firmly against the G-spot rhythmically in a “come hither” or “come here” motion. It may feel strange for her initially, so follow her lead to slow down or speed up. She may need to wait out some strange feeling or discomfort at the sensation until it turns things up for her.

She will experience a feeling as if she has to urinate or release liquid, and she shouldn’t censor that feeling—it’s the build-up to making her squirt.

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8. Play with Her Clit, or Have Her Masturbate, while You Fuck Her G-Spot

It won’t feel very good to pound against her G-spot and hope you’ll make her squirt without any clitoral stimulation. You can play with her clit, but you really want to focus on the G-spot, so encourage her to masturbate the way she loves to in order to get off.

When she feels the orgasm coming on, continue to stimulate her G-spot and encourage her to “push.” She may try not to follow her instinct to “bear down,” but let her know you want her to wet the bed and squirt everywhere and that it’s okay to let go.

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9. Try a Dildo for Squirting

You can use a dildo because your fingers can get sore, and because it feels good for her. There are special G-spot dildos and “squirting dildos” designed with a bent head for pushing at the right angle in a way that will help make her squirt.

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Enjoy the G-spot showers!

10. Try Your Cock if She Squirts Easily

A very few women can have easy G-spot orgasms whenever they want, without too much effort. Sometimes it happens “by accident.” This isn’t usually the case—the above “how to make her squirt” is solid advice.

However, if she is one of the rare ones who squirts at the drop of a hat, then you can try fucking her in a way that pushes against her G-spot. You’ll want to use shallow, rhythmic strokes that “poke” into her G-spot, while she masturbates her clitoris.

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Have you brought your squirting fantasy to life? Tell us how it happened!

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