How to Meet Women who Squirt

If the idea of a gushing Godiva is a big turn on for you, it can be tricky to navigate the timing of popping the question. You can’t just ask a woman over a shared cup of Starbucks, “Do you squirt?” Or can you?

Even worse, if you’ve tried, you already know that trying to find her G-spot if she’s not already aware of it can have the opposite effect of what you’re after.

After all, women don’t generally care for pointed, persistent finger jabbings or a hooked dildo to the exclusion of the rest of the seduction.

And while all women have a complex nervous system in their vaginal walls, the search for the squirt doesn’t appeal to all of them. Some of us ladies can enjoy epic heights but don’t propel streams of moisture. We might be dribblers, not squirters. And if you have a thing for being hosed down by luscious lady lava, that’s not the same thing.

So what’s a guy to do? How do you put it out there without looking like a douche?

Tell it like it is.

I’m a big proponent of honesty being the best policy. When looking for hookups in our time-constricted world, it makes perfect sense to weed out things that don’t appeal to us by asking for what we do want.

Don’t be offensive or demeaning to women who don’t ejaculate the way you want them to, but remember that mentioning that it’s a huge turn on for you to engage in G-spot play is perfectly acceptable.

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Many women who not only squirt but also enjoy it take a special kind of empowerment from female ejaculation.

Female dominants enjoy all kinds of power-play games including golden showers, pegging, BDSM, humiliation, and covering you in girl cum. If this sounds dreamy to you, start searching kinky sites. If it turns a woman on that men are extra hopped up by this, she’ll likely be a member on kink and fetish dating sites.

Invite your partners to explore this with you, without pressure.

If you’re dating someone special who you wish would squirt, or meeting women for casual hookups, you can approach G-spot play by invitation. Simply ask her if she enjoys G-spot stimulation—she will probably say yes, no, or not sure.

To maximize your chance that your current partners will want to squirt for you, or try, I recommend communicating clearly that it is not only a big turn on for you, but also your willingness to fulfill her fantasies.

Don’t be all full of yourself and promise special talents as if you’re doing her a favor—be genuine about wanting to pursue her pleasure because if it’s just about yours, you can always jack off alone watching squirt porn instead.

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