Squirting 101: What is Female Ejaculation?

If you’re dating a woman who squirts, you might feel like you’ve landed in the ultimate fantasy with a very rare bird. Or maybe it takes you by surprise, and you have no idea what to do with female ejaculation.

Maybe you are so used to trying, poking around, digging for gold in vain, and now here she is on full blast. So, what’s going on here?

What Makes a Woman Squirt

The legendary G-spot is a network of nerves running up the top vaginal wall. About two inches inside, you can feel a spongy area that is kind of ridged. Some say it feels like a walnut shell.

If you push this area or stroke it, usually with two fingers and quite a firm push-pull motion (often described as a come-here stroke) it can be quite pleasurable for a woman and build to an intense place where she orgasms. Some women also squirt when they orgasm this way.

There have been debates for years over whether this is urine or some mystery substance, whether it comes from the bladder or somewhere else, and whether all women are capable of squirting. The phenomenon is known as female ejaculation.

We do know some things for sure: the mystery spot is not really a mystery. It’s her clitoris. We think of the clit as the little button nub at the top of her inner labia, but that’s just the press-here button! Those nerves are actually a network that go up through her vagina. The G-spot is internal access if you will.

What is the Fluid in Female Ejaculation?

We know now that the fluid she squirts is not urine, even though it does come out of the urethra. It is made by paraurethral glands—glands that are around the urethra—specifically, the Skene’s gland. This gland makes fluid to flush the urethra and responds to clitoral stimulation.

Our whole body makes fluids in glands, from blood to tears to urine to saliva. Most women make a small amount of liquid that is not noticeable. She may mistake it for vaginal discharge, sweat, or a few drops of urine when it emerges from her body, if she notices it all. But others produce quite a bit and it releases at orgasm.

For some women who squirt, the volume of female ejaculate only happens if they are insanely aroused. In other words, they might not produce copious fluids in general, but if they are really aroused, and have a lot of extra stimulation, maybe through orgasm denial, multiple orgasms, or G-spot stimulation, then they will release the torrents. Some women have never experienced female ejaculation with a noticeable volume of fluids, but might under a certain circumstance or unique stimulation.

Some women are shy about the volume and worry about “peeing the bed” or just find it messy. Some are comfortable and just use a towel. If she knows that this is a special turn on for you, she will feel more comfortable and let go.

Why Squirting is Such a Turn On

It can be insanely hot to get doused in female ejaculate while you are fucking. It’s also really sexy to watch a woman masturbating, with her legs wide open, then drenching her own thighs as squirts come out with the throes and contractions of orgasm.

Some guys love having their face soaked during cunnilingus and want to taste the fluid. Oral sex is a great way to help her squirt because you can arouse her to that level. Licking her clit (the button part) while rubbing the G-spot inside with your fingers or a dildo can make it happen.

Don’t poke and pull around in a dry pussy and try to force an ejaculation. If she’s not aroused, that won’t work. If she knows she doesn’t squirt, she’s not superhuman and it won’t feel good. Let it go. Always communicate about her pleasure, but don’t pressure her to ejaculate if her body doesn’t work that way.

Want to experience female ejaculation? Read How to Meet Women who Squirt to find squirting play partners.

What’s your experience with squirting? Please share in the comments!

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