6 Oral Sex Positions Women Love

If you love going down on women—muff diving, eating at the Y, licking her love juice—you probably have a favorite oral sex position.

But are you taking her comfortability and enjoyment into account when you position yourself?

There are many ways to connect your lips to hers, so try these out the next time you want to arouse your lover for longer than a lick.

6 Best Oral Sex Positions for Her

1. Premier Position

The first time you have oral sex with a woman is usually in a bed, her on her back, knees bent, with your head in between. It worked then, and it works now. And you probably go back to this oral sex position time and time again.

There are many bonuses to this classic. You can move your hands up and over her thighs, over her tummy to grab hold of her breasts, tweaking her nipples all the while licking and sucking. You can also glance up to see her facial expressions for guidance. And she still has a enough wiggle room to pull or push into you.

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2. Doggy Oral Sex

Most people think of penis-in-vagina or anal sex when it comes to the doggy-style position, but it’s a great position to prime the pump. Arousal is key to getting a woman to have an orgasm, and oral is right up there in terms of foreplay that makes a woman wet.

You can easily transition from tongue to penis if you both love the position, and if you have a booty fetish you can squeeze or lick or rim as you go. This oral sex position also gives her the ability to pull away or push towards you to control the pressure.

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3. Face-Sitting

This is a fetish for some, but it’s definitely a position worth experimenting with if you love giving oral, and if you like being dominated. A woman will crouch over your face, usually facing the headboard, covering your face with her pussy lips. Some guys like to have their nose and mouth covered while they work their tongue, but just be careful to have a sign or signal for her to move when you need some air.

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4. 69 Position

If you both love to give and receive, why not do it at the same time with her pussy above your face, with her facing towards your feet, her head in perfect blowjob position. It’s an incredible sensation to feel a similar pleasure that you are giving simultaneously.

This is for the good, giving, and game couples out there who get just as much pleasure out of pleasing their partner as they do from receiving that pleasure directly.

5. Her Sitting, You Kneeling

If you are submissive or like to play the part, this may be pleasing to you. On all fours, you can lick and lap at your lover’s pussy, while she sits comfortably on a chair or couch. She may want to pull your head in closer or spank you with her whip. She may want to wrap her legs around your head and dangle them down your back. It’s a sex act to take out of the bedroom or on the road.

6. Her Standing, You Kneeling

Although I wouldn’t suggest this pussy eating position for long sessions, it’s a fun flip from the classic men’s fantasy of a woman kneeling to give a blowjob. Depending on your height differential, getting the right oral sex position may be challenging.

Kneel in front of your lucky lady and go uptown. You can pull her towards you, with your hands supporting her booty. I like this one in the shower when water and juices mix.

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What oral sex position is your go-to?

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