6 Tips to Be a Better Lover

Are you confident in your sexual skills, sure that what you have in your foreplay toolbox is better than most? Sometimes thinking you’re a great lover doesn’t always translate to what a woman is feeling during and after.

No one becomes a sexual sensation overnight. Just like anything you want to master, it takes time and effort—practice is progress. And this practice is something you can look forward to. Sexual confidence builds through repetition, with the same person or with different partners.

This is the kind of post I like to chat about with girlfriends before writing, because we all have our own interpretation of what makes a great lover, as well as what turns us off. I did find there were several themes though that kept cropping up in our conversations.

6 Tips to Be a Better Lover

  1. Be present. With so many distractions at our disposal, many women are finding men just aren’t in the moment when they are intimate. Leave your phone outside the bedroom, and turn the TV off when things heat up.
  2. Kiss more. Back in the day, before dating sites and hookups, kissing reigned supreme. Sometimes all you had time for was heavy petting. Smooching is women’s number one choice when it comes to foreplay, so kiss her all over, not just on her lips.
  3. Touch her softly. When you learn the fine art of caressing a woman’s body, you will be leaps and bounds above most men. Pinching and grabbing have their place, but gentle caresses and erotic massages are a sure way to make a woman wet.
  4. Talk dirty. Knowing how to turn her on with sexy talk is a great skill. This will take time and get better as you get to know her better. To be safe, start with romantic compliments and work your way up the kink ladder.
  5. Make eye contact. There’s nothing sexier than someone looking into your eyes while entering you, or while they are fingering your clitoris. Don’t be shy when it comes to this easy way to connect.
  6. Take mental notes. Your finger-in-the-bum move might blow one woman’s mind, but repulse the next. See every lady’s body as new map to explore. Find out what her unique turn-ons are and build on them each time you hook up.

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