When a Kiss Is Better than Sex

Do your kisses sizzle… or fizzle? What kind of kiss does a woman remember forever?

Kissing is magic and can be more intense and memorable than sex itself.

Here, women share the kisses that left them weak in the knees and begging for more.

What Makes a Kiss a Kiss to Remember?

“The one and only time I went to bed with a total stranger was because of the way he kissed me. I was on vacation in Lisbon and felt attracted to my waiter at a seafood restaurant. He happened to be leaving his shift when I was heading to hail a cab. We chatted a few minutes and the chemistry was intense. When my taxi arrived, he said he couldn’t let the chance get away and asked if he could kiss me.

He was so hesitant and soft at first that I didn’t feel threatened or overwhelmed. It was like clouds or mist, his lips barely touching me. Then he went for it, with this unforgettable hunger, devouring me. I waved the cab away and we made out in the streets as he showed me his city, then made love all night. I rushed back to my hotel in the morning to shower and pack and caught my plane. I still think about that kiss when I’m masturbating, and that was thirty years ago.”  – Donna, 52

“A kiss has to be a tease. Going in like a slug with a wide tongue turns me off before the fire starts. You have to tantalize my mouth and make it crazy for more by holding back. The first time I was kissed like that, so maddeningly slow and sensual, I almost came when his tongue finally entered my mouth.”  – Jess, 25

“I’m a sex worker, and the old Pretty Girl stereotype is true for me—I don’t generally kiss my clients because it’s something I preserve for the men I date in real life. I enjoy my work, but kissing is too emotional and personal to give to everyone. But one client that I found really attractive and interesting surprised me after we had gotten dressed and he was on his way out the door.

He leaned in, cupped my face, and took my lips with such tenderness. I was so taken aback that I didn’t resist. It was beautiful. The contrast of how the kiss came at the end of sex and not the beginning was really unusual and ignited something in me. After a week of mooning over that kiss, I broke my own work rules and texted him, inviting him for a drink. We are getting married next year.” – Madison, 27

“I can’t explain why this was so hot, but when Jack whispered in my ear, ‘put your tongue in my mouth,’ and then just opened his mouth against mine, waiting for it, I felt like I was full on penetrating him. I did what he asked and he groaned ‘more,’ and I just about exploded. I went home with him and had two orgasms.” – Rose, 22

“My date was pretty shy and the quiet type. I could feel the chemical attraction between us, and was kind of touched by his nervous nature after dating too many pushy guys. Finally I asked HIM if it was okay if I kissed him. Honestly, the tables turned like that, and his gratitude and excitement, that kiss was so hot I still remember it through the years, through all the others.” – Pauline, 34

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What was your most memorable kiss? Please share in the comments!

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