4 Reasons Why Morning Sex after Hookups Is Awesome

Morning sex after a hookup is the way to go. There are a number of reason for this, which in the festive spirit of the season, I will share with you here.

4 Reasons to Do It Again

Take the Pressure Off

You came home together last night. Both of you were drunk, still spinning with the lights and the euphoria of the party. Walking together in the snow to her house, you lolled on the bed, kissed, drank a few more night caps. Maybe you got it on, maybe you didn’t.

In the morning, with the late winter sun coming in warm through the window, you can have a tender and unhurried encounter before stumbling off to brunch together. It puts a cap on your affection and desire for each other.

Avoid Whisky Dick

Maybe you were a bit too drunk for things to go quite as well as you were hoping the night before. Maybe you hung like a noodle. No shame in that. The notion that a man always needs to get hard at the drop of a hat is an aspect of toxic masculinity.

Still, if you’re feeling calm in the morning, you can probably redeem yourself with a spontaneous sex session. If you do okay, you might just get another date. Take advantage of that natural morning wood!

Enjoy Extra Sleep

Frankly, if you tied one on the night before and went home with somebody, you may just want to sleep. If you can manage to get it on first thing in the morning, chances are you will both fall asleep again, and you will get an hour or two before you need to leave.

I’m just being pragmatic here. I love sleeping in, and I hate being booted out in the cold first thing on a Sunday morning.

Build Trust

If you really like somebody, going home with them and having sex on a first date can be a mistake. However, if you can survive the morning, you might just be able to pull a relationship out of it if you’re interested.

Recognize and respond if and when she wants you to go, but a sweet and romantic encore might just become the beginning of many sweet mornings to come!

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