5 Hookup Moves I Wish Men Would Make

Sex isn’t like what we read in books or watch on TV or see in the movies. It’s not always high energy, romantic, lustful, or smooth. But sometimes we want some of these things, what we fantasize a great romp to be, even when it’s an online hookup.

The problem with actualizing our fantasies is that we don’t always have the words or rapport to ask for the hookup moves we want. After all, we aren’t mind readers, and it takes some skill to read the body language of the opposite sex.

So just for fun, I want to share the hookup moves I wish that my casual partners would make, but generally don’t. Take what you will from this list, but know that there are many more desires that are just below a woman’s surface, and yes, it’s okay to ask her what they are.

5 Moves I Wish My Hookups Would Make

1. Throw Me on the Bed

So yes, I’ve probably watched this scene one too many times in film that it’s made its way into my top five hookup moves. If either of you has a mobility issue, or you just aren’t strong enough, don’t sweat it. But if it is doable and you are with a playful partner, it can be a big turn on. I also like being gently pushed against a wall and kissed on the neck. These moves fall under the “ravished” category that isn’t happening enough anymore.

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2. Go Down On Me

A lot of guys see this as an act that is too intimate for a first hookup (or at least that’s what some say) but would never turn down a blowjob on that same night. Because men don’t go down a lot on a first hookup, the ones who do really make an impression—I’m always equally parts surprised and delighted by this hookup move.

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3. Compliment My Body

Some women may say keep your compliments to things other than their appearance, but when you are up close and personal with my naked body, I don’t mind a few complimentary remarks, as long as they are genuine. This might be directed towards a part of my body that is driving you wild because of its shape or size or texture. We all have body image issues to some degree, so hearing something good from a hot hookup is a welcome move in my books.

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4. Cuddle Afterwards

I had this great date once that ended with some incredible sex that was back-and-forth off the charts. I was good, giving, and game, and so was he. It was a real tour de force between the sheets.

When all was said and done, and we were both exhausted, I put my arm around him for about a minute before he said, “that’s enough of that” about the post-coital cuddle. I turned over and left when he fell asleep. Talk about a sour note to finish on. You may not be a natural born cuddler, but you don’t have to be rude about it.

5. Leave Me Wanting More

The lovers who leave me wanting more know how to please and pique my interest at the same time. They don’t fawn all over me, and they don’t stay around the next day waiting for me to awkwardly ask them to leave. Never assume a woman doesn’t have things to do other than lie around in bed all day. I never want to feel like I’m suddenly in a relationship after one night of passion, no matter how good the sex was.

Get on with your busy life, so I can dream about the next time if there is to be one.

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Finally, you might ask: Why don’t women just request these hookup moves and desires outright? Talking about sex, during sex, isn’t easy—for women or men—and more so if you’ve just met and this is your first time together.

If I know it’s going to be a real one night stand, I actually find it easier to let loose, ask for what I want because what have I got to lose (but that certainly isn’t the case for all women).


Let’s flip this around for the men out there. What sex moves do you wish your hookups would do?

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