6 Reasons Sex Is Better on the Second Date

Good things come to those who wait?

If you’ve ever been disappointed about the sex after a hookup, or worried about whether she actually enjoyed herself, or felt anxious about a dozen little things you could have done better, you’re not the only one!

6 Reasons Second-Date Sex Will Be Better

1. You were horny when you made plans for tonight.

Um, yeah? How is that an impediment to awesome casual sex? Isn’t sex the solution to the horniness? Isn’t being horny the purpose of no-strings-attached dating?

Yes, all of the above, but there are occasions when being horny clouds your rational assessment of the chemistry between two people. Being hot to trot can obliterate your judgment, and have you realize only after sex that this person is someone you don’t even like. Your cock can get in the way of seeing clearly what SHE wants—maybe she’s on a casual dating site for revenge, not an insatiable desire for dick now.

Meeting someone first that you hope to hook up with in the future isn’t a bad idea if you’re looking for good sex.

2. Getting to know each other now can improve sex later.

You don’t need to know every deep and intimate detail about casual sex partners, but knowing some general basics about each other helps you get along better in and out of bed.

3. Waiting increases your chances of a regular hookup.

You’re more likely to end up hooking up again, or having a no-strings-attached sexual relationship, if you have sex on the second date instead. That added bit of familiarity and the chance to get over nerves will up the odds of both of you wanting to do it again.

4. Your performance will be better.

Novelty amps up the sexual volume in all male animals, but if you pop your load before she’s had a chance to get into it, she’s not going to have great memories and neither will you.

5. She’s more likely to orgasm.

Very few women come the first time they have sex with a man. It’s far more likely if they have had a chance to get to know you and have fooled around a little before. A woman is also less likely to fake orgasm on the second date, which allows you to better gauge what you’re doing or not doing.

6. Anticipation makes sex better.

Consider the time between a first and second date as foreplay. You’ll stew in the deliciousness of what’s to come. Having met each other and seen in person what you’ll be connecting with, your imagination will take off.

Both of you will masturbate while fantasizing about each other. Sexting ahead of time will have context rather than a complete leap of faith, as you’ll have some idea of each other’s personality and style. This build up will make second-date sex out of this world!

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