Best Compliments to Give a Woman

It’s often said that actions speak louder than words, but women do love compliments. I always wonder why men don’t compliment more because it’s such an easy and effective way to keep a woman happy. Maybe some of you guys don’t know what a lady wants to hear besides that she looks good. And yes, women do like that compliment, but there are so many other expressions that will satisfy.

Compliments that Women Love

You look beautiful. The most confident woman in the world does not tire of this compliment. And you don’t have to say it only when she’s dressed up, in fact, it means more when she’s not trying.

You smell amazing. Even if your lady doesn’t wear perfume, she’ll want to know you like her natural scent. And if you really want to hit a home run, tell her you love the way she smells down there.

I notice something different . . . Women go out of their way to look good for men. If you notice the little things she does, she’ll be all the more smitten and putty in your hands.

Your skin is so soft. Some women do have softer skin than others, and if you comment on her silky smooth skin, she definitely won’t mind you touching it.

I love your (body part). Every woman has at least one incredible feature or body part worth mentioning. It might be her cute upturned nose, her apple-shaped behind, or her tiny waist. Tell her what you like.

You’re so smart. Women want compliments about their looks, but they also want to be recognized for their minds. Maybe she’s a good problem solver or organizer.

You’re incredibly talented. Tell her what she’s good at. Is she a great cook? Softball player? Painter? Praise her talents, especially the ones that come out in the bedroom.

You’re a super mum. Hard-working mums always need a confidence boost. It’s not easy balancing kids and a relationship with a great man.

You inspire me. Has your life improved since you met your woman. Does she make you want to be a better person, try new things, strive for excellence in different areas of your life. This is one of the best compliments you can give a woman. Swoon, swoon.

My favorite compliment: “I can’t believe no one’s picked you up on the road of life so far.”

Women want to know that they are valued, appreciated, and admired. Compliments go a long way, sometimes all the way to the bedroom.

How do you compliment a woman?

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