Foreplay Moves to Try with Your Next Hookup

I love it when scenes of the hot sex I had the night before, play in my mind and make me feel shivery and excited all over again.

I had this experience just the other morning, and it occurred to me that it’s almost always brought on by memories of something specific—a certain touch, or that thing my boyfriend said right in the middle of fucking me that made my whole body quiver.

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I’ve made a list of some of the memories that have made me wet over the years. Who knows? Maybe if you try out some of these things, your girlfriend will stare dreamily into her morning cup of coffee as she thinks about YOU!

The Slow Undress

Really take your time with this. Undress your partner, kissing and caressing every part of her as the clothes come off. You can even use the clothing itself to enhance her pleasure. Take off her bra, then slide her top back up over her breasts and let your hands glance over the fabric, paying special attention to her nipples. Obviously you’ll want to use some discretion, here. If the fabric is rough and scratchy, don’t try it. Soft and silky is the way to go.

The Coordinated Kiss

Try matching the rhythm of your kisses to your caresses. I love having my breasts played with, and I once had a guy really build on that by kissing me as he lightly squeezed my nipples in unison. It sounds a bit silly, but it was so hot! The key is to do it in a subtle and gentle way, and for not too long of a stretch. Think of it as a side dish, not the main course.

The Lift and Toss

Lots of women love being lifted up and tossed on the bed, and I think it’s because it really makes us feel desired. There are different versions of this move and it can be adapted to suit your strength and her comfort level. Even just being directed towards the bed, and encouraged onto it with gentle pressure can really turn up the heat. The idea is to make your desires known.

The Teasing Touch

Rather than going straight for those parts of your partner’s body that you know will drive her wild, take your time and tease her a bit. Come really close to doing what she desires, but draw away at the last minute. The idea is to build up the excitement and anticipation to a point that a very light touch will be enough to set her off. By the time you actually hit all the spots (and eventually you will) she’ll be aching for it and the payoff will be that much larger for her.

The Preview of Coming Events

I touched on this a bit in a previous post about the art of dirty talk. Having the confidence and knowledge to tell your partner what you plan to do with her before you do it, is super hot. It’s an alternative way to build her excitement and anticipation and shows her just how much you want her. It’s also a good way to keep your focus, not that concentration is necessarily an issue for you.

Try out some of these moves the next time you have a chance, and let me know how it went over in a comment!

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