How to Have Sex at Work: 6 Workplace Sex Tips

Are you thinking about having sex in the workplace? Get tips for sex at work, and learn what to do if you get caught!

Have you ever had a crush on a co-worker and thought about sex at work? Do you fantasize about the busty brunette from accounting or the spicy redhead who whips up the best cappuccino?

It’s not uncommon to fantasize about sex at work with someone you find attractive. And it’s not uncommon to take a co-worker out for lunch or dinner or even begin a relationship.

What is more rare and hot as hell is to actually have sex at work, go beyond the fantasy.

Why Sex at Work Is Hot

Sex at work is a forbidden fruit. Most workplaces have specific policies and protocols and surely sex at work is part of that. It may not necessarily be written, but it’s known that sex at work is not acceptable.

But for some of us sexually adventurous folks, we can’t resist taking a bite out of that forbidden fruit. Tell us we’re not supposed to do something, and it either increases the hot factor or is instantly attractive.

For some kinksters, the sex is secondary, it’s more about going against the grain, being “bad.” And while the sex may be hot, it’s the danger and risk associated with taboo kinks that make them really sizzle.

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Woman in Lingerie at Work

6 Tips for Having Sex at Work

1. Know the Risk

Yes, part of the thrill of sex at work is the risk, but know that there are many. Getting caught may be thrilling, but what could happen after the fact is worth thinking about.

Would you lose your job if someone sees you? Would your co-workers just have a laugh and tease you, or would you be subject to some kind of legal action?

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2. Choose Your Hookup Wisely

Another risk factor may be the person you have sex at work with. Chemistry with a co-worker can be so hot, but will it play out the same as it does in your fantasies. Will it be spontaneous lust with our work crush or something unexpected.

Be sure that there are reciprocal feelings for such a tryst before making any moves on an unsuspecting co-worker. Sex at work may also be with your lover who doesn’t actually work with you. Maybe they are just dropping in for a little visit aka afternoon delight.

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3. Plan the Location

Sex at work can be a spontaneous hookup in the office supply closet, or it can be more planned out, say, in the boardroom that is always empty on Wednesday mornings.

Not every workplace environment has a plethora of choices when it comes to sex hot spots, so creative planning may be needed. The washroom is a popular choice or a patio rooftop may be an option. Furniture may also be part of your choice.

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Couple having sex at work.

4. Engage in Manual or Oral Sex

You don’t have to go all the way with penis-in-vagina sex when you risk sex at work. When you think about sneaking around, having your first sexual encounters, you may remember that a handjob or fingering session or oral play was all you had time for. And those of us who got that were grateful!

Don’t get greedy when it comes to sex at work—be thankful, and give and get what you can while you can!

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5. Aim for a Quickie

Another recommendation for sex at work is to get to the action quickly. Quickies can be exciting anytime, but they make sense for the risky business that is sex at work.

With the boss wandering the halls or co-workers milling about, you probably don’t have time to engage in slow sensual sex, unless you 100% want to get caught (most people are into the idea of this, but don’t really want to get caught.)

6. Practice Sexual Discretion

No matter how hot, or not, your sex at work turns out, you must always be discreet afterwards. I know this may seem weird, considering you’ve just given a fuck you to the rules of workplace decorum, but all partners, casual sex included, deserve such respect.

It may have just been a onade-off or maybe you both want to go for round two next week. Whatever the future holds, keep this sweet little secret to yourself. If you want to relive it, take youReraction later in a safer place.

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What If You’re Caught Having Sex at Work

Sex at work is a kind of public sex, where the risk of being caught is part of the thrill. Some kinksters want to be caught and will choose a spot that is more likely to be stumbled upon by fellow co-workers, like the walk-in fridge at a restaurant… yes, it’s a cool place for a quickie!

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The repercussions of being caught while having sex at work will depend on a couple things: what kind of work setting you are in and who catches you.

Sex at work happens all the time in the restaurant industry and in lo-fi workplaces like a campground or your local Walmart. But it also happens more often than you think in offices and government workplaces.

How things play out after getting caught will depend on who catches you. Is this person going to see you but quickly walk away, and will they keep it to themselves or go straight to management (that may depend on your relationship with said person).

The person who caught you might try to blackmail you (perhaps a bit extreme, but things happen.) Maybe the boss caught you, and you and your horny co-worker get fired on the spot.

Be prepared for all possible outcomes. If losing your job would devastate your life, maybe just ask your sexy co-worker out on a date.

Have you ever had sex at work?

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