Sexually Taboo Kinks & Fetishes

Do you have a taboo kink or fetish? Some sexual taboos need to remain in the realm of fantasy.

You’re on date number three with a beautiful and adventurous woman. She asks which sexual fantasy you haven’t lived out yet, implying with those eyes that she might be the one to take you there.

Do you tell her? Of course not. She can’t help you anyways. No one can—she’s not your mother!

Truth be told, even if your mother did just happen to be wearing a matching cream lace bra and thong when she walked in on you changing, you wouldn’t go there.

The scenario is straight out of mom porn, but even before you started jerking off to the genre, you occasionally fantasized along these lines.

You’re savvy enough to know it’s perfectly normal, and smart enough to know it’s just a fantasy. It’s not something you’ve been hoping would happen in real time. Lots of us fantasize about our mothers. She is the first female body we are intimately attuned to, and the strict social taboo on the topic makes it irresistible.

Our sexual fantasies and taboo kinks can be exciting to explore. But that doesn’t mean they’re all open doorways to future bliss.

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Sexual Taboos Better Left as Fantasies

Some of our sexual fantasies are pleasurable daydreams we have no intention or desire to enact at all. We can distinguish between reality and fantasy. Some taboo kinks are better left undone. We know they won’t be the way we have created them.

Most of us have tried something that was ho hum in real life even if it meant throbbing orgasms in our imagination. Other times, it would just be way too sexually taboo or complicated to even make happen.

Ever wonder about other people’s list of taboo desires that they don’t want for real? Ever wonder about kinks and fantasies that are literally impossible?

Some are willing to risk everything to play out their forbidden desires, but most of us have reasons for keeping our boundaries in place.

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Simple ethics surrounding sexual taboos can keep us in check—it’s totally normal to fantasize about thy brother’s wife, but even if she throws herself at you, you aren’t breaking the brotherly bond. Or maybe your client at work is smoking hot and you stroke one out picturing her climbing on top of you, but you keep yourself in check to keep your job.

Other times, it’s all about the simple laws of physics. I fantasize about quite a few people I have never met and never will. Some people have kinks for being impregnated with alien babies. They’re going to have to rely on alternative porn and alien inspired sex toys, at least for now.

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Some of us have dark fantasies. It’s perfectly normal to occasionally have downright disturbing sexual fantasies, even violent fantasies. But of course we don’t act them out, because we are not interested in hurting others or breaking the law. The boundaries of consent keep us in check.

7 Taboo Kinks and Fetishes

Everyone has a few desires, fantasies or taboo kinks that work their magic in their mind but can’t or shouldn’t happen in real life. Here are some examples of sexual taboos and kinks to be left in the realm of fantasy.

1. Virgin Fantasy

We might live this fantasy out once or twice when we’re just starting to experiment and play with sex. It is likely sweet and awkward rather than toe curling sex. For some, though, the symbolic innocence and rarity become an obsession. The virgin is highly sought after in unsavory sex trades, and a common fantasy on our rotation list. But anyone over 18 should put this one aside, and use role play to satisfy this kink.

2. Incest

Like the mom fantasy, incest is a common fantasy. While I don’t really see anything wrong with consenting adults choosing to fuck, a lot of these fantasies are all about the taboo and power exchange. While the familial sexual taboo can be a turn on, the complications and repercussions would not be.

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3. Rape

Rape fantasies are incredibly common for women. The explanation seems to be less masochistic than it seems—by desiring the rape, we are actually taking charge. We often role play this one to test out the waters, but if it’s something we plan, it’s not rape. And if it’s rape, it’s a crime.

4. Demon Lovers

It’s surprisingly common in art, literature, cinema, and our minds to be seduced or overtaken by supernatural beings like demons, angels, ghosts, and aliens. Some go so far as to claim that they DO have spiritual or psychic sex with entities from beyond or lovers who have passed on.

There are mythical creatures like mermaids and giants—you name it—that we get off in our heads.

The vampire kink is enduring and popular too. I was at a fetish party in New Orleans where they had actual blood drinking (a very dangerous kink FYI). Role play is great, but they still weren’t real vampires.

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5. The Understudy

It’s fairly common for us to fantasize about sex from an idealized or different version of ourself. We often imagine ourselves as we were younger, or slimmer, or if we had a huge cock, or as another gender.

It’s as if a “better” version of ourselves is waiting in the wings for us to call in sick. You might want to try accepting yourself as you are if this is obsessive. If it’s occasional, it’s totally normal.

6. Inanimate Objects

We’re quite creative and can take sexual pleasure from all kinds of objects and settings. If you can find a way to incorporate pizza into your sex life, hey, I’m coming over to join you!

The objectophilia kink has people marrying bridges or inanimate objects. It can be a kink for a scent or texture or object. But sometimes it is simply not possible—the Eiffel Tower is too big, for example, or the pizza you adore can’t sit there for weeks on end without rotting.

7. Dangerous Sexual Taboos

You might want to make love on the train tracks but common sense prevails. You might get a sexual rush from intoxicating chemicals or jumping out of an airplane, or the sexy accent of cartel members. But you will never live out those fantasies, because you may not live to tell the tale!

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Tell us about your taboo sexual fantasies—the ones you don’t expect to play out for real, or don’t want to…

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