Sex Furniture Ideas for Comfort and Kink

If you’re thinking about investing in sex furniture or want to surprise your partner with a new sexual contraption, read on for ideas and inspiration.

When you think of sex furniture, do you think of BDSM dungeons? Or does sex furniture make you think of tiny, trendy urban lofts, something rich people do for their swinger parties?

Sex furniture is all of the above, and more! Whether you are building a love shack, a playground, or a dungeon that would impress Sade, furniture designed with sex in mind can expand your imagination and your sexytime!

You don’t need a whole overhaul, renovations, or a million bucks—even if all of those sound nice, a single piece of sex furniture can go a long way.

Why Use Sex Furniture?

You already have a bed. What else could you need? And can’t any furniture be sex furniture—if you have sex on it?

It’s true that your bed, sofa, and hell, kitchen counter, all count as sex furniture if you are an imaginative and playful lover. But furniture that is created specifically for sex has practical design to enhance sex, allows for easier sex, and adds variation.

Sex furniture can also be extremely practical for trying specific positions, or to making sex more accessible to people with mobility issues or who find particular positions difficult. Facilitating more sex for more people more often—that’s what sex furniture is all about.

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5 Reasons to Try Sex Furniture

1. More Sex Positions and Possibilities

Sex furniture can help you try different positions, enjoy them for longer, or support the body in those positions.

We naturally use our beds and often arrange pillows, mattress height, and so on in order to make various positions work for everyone. But there are always variations that are difficult.

Lovers have different heights, leg lengths, and body sizes and so one size doesn’t fit all. You can make do, but sex furniture provides alternate and different options from the bed, allowing you to enjoy more sex positions.

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2. Better Hygiene

Whether you have a fragile and valuable heirloom antique sofa with rare silk embroidery or you just scored a deal on a Netflix binge worthy used sofa at the school thrift auction, chances are you don’t want those past centuries rubbing against your open orifices.

3. Change of Location

Sex can lose some of its excitement or spontaneity if it is always in bed. Too often we use the bed as our only sex furniture out of convenience, but having other options switches things up.

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4. Novelty and Variety

Novelty or variation can increase in other ways with sex furniture, not just the actual setting. Sex furniture can help us use new positions, create different role plays, or experiment with new kinks or fetishes.

5. Health and Accessibility

Good sex is good health, for all adult ages. But as we age, or for those of us experiencing illness, injury, or disability, sex isn’t always accessible.

Sex furniture can help create physical stability, support our bodies or body parts, and make sex more accessible.

Don’t think that swings, chairs, and sex pillows are just for acrobats—they are actually outstanding tools for helping make sex safer and simpler for all kinds of bodies.

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10 Types of Sex Furniture

1. Sex Couches and Loungers

Sex couches and sex loungers are curved sex furniture with removable wedges or support panels to allow support for various sex positions. You can get comfortable for longer. They are easy to wipe clean. They can also be used for everyday lounging!

2. Sex Bench

A sex bench is a bench with various position possibilities, but many come with restraints or are easily used with restraints for bondage and other BDSM play.

Sex benches make for easy flogging, pegging, and other kinky sex play, but are also super for basics because there are adjustable supports for the torso, arms, and legs.

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3. Sex Stool

A sex stool is a lightweight, portable device that is designed to help support body weight to allow for different positions. It allows access and flexibility and is most often used for woman on top positions.

Sex stools let people hold a position longer or try variations. It is also great for pregnant women, or people with knee joint issues. Sex stools are designed “bouncy” so that the seat does some of the work.

4. Sybian Sex Machine

The Sybian sex machine is like a kind of saddle with a vibrating dildo attached that you can straddle for vaginal or anal penetration.

This sex machine allows for free hands, making it amazing sex furniture for solo joy as well as thrills like voyeurism or double penetration for partnered sex.

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5. Sex Swing

Swings are sex furniture that allow one person to be suspended (or partially suspended) while the other is not. This is a very versatile concept. Some sex swings and sex-swing sex can be elaborate and acrobatic and athletic—or be kinky BDSM sex.

But sex swings are actually fantastic for people with pain or joint issues, allowing them to enjoy a wider range of sex possibilities with suspension support.

6. Sex Pillows and Wedges

Perhaps the most practical and versatile kinds of sex furniture are sex pillows and sex wedges.

We instinctively use pillows to prop ourselves into different positions for sex, or to enable us to connect if we are different heights, or to stay comfortable longer in oral sex. Sex pillows are specially designed to be firmer and more supportive.

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7. Sex Sheets

A sex blanket or sex sheets are waterproof, so they can make lovers more comfortable during sex for many reasons. If you’re worried about your partner’s favorite sheets, you might hold back instead of squirting, for example.

Waterproof sex sheets or sex blankets are suitable for kinks that are juicy—food fetishes or golden showers, for example. They’re great for oil massages or fucking with lots of lube.

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8. Queening Chairs

Queening chairs are designed for pussy worship, and work wonders for anyone who loves cunnilingus. She sits while the licker’s face is underneath her.

9. Bondage Frame Tables

Bondage frame tables allow flexible fun for anyone, not just kinky people. They are designed for restraints and easy flogging and BDSM torture, but are basically a table that moves to an upright slant or flat. This makes them outstanding for all kinds of sex positions.

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10. DIY Sex Furniture

Yes, you can make your own sex furniture if you are handy, and there are lots of ways you can improvise even if you aren’t.

Firm foam can be crafted easily into wedges, and you can also use pieces you already have and repurpose them. Weightlifting benches can be excellent for this purpose. Shower curtains can work as handy sex sheets.

Tell us your sex furniture stories in the comments below!

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