3 Sex Positions You Probably Haven’t Tried

In even the most passionate relationships, sex can become routine after a while. The same things she did at the start of the relationship to really get your motor running can start to fall short, feel rote, and otherwise grow dull if they are repeated without variation. Trying out new sexual positions is a great way to spice things up, and to make you and her look forward to hooking up, every time.

My bet is that unless you and your partner are really new to sex, or not adventurous at all, you’ve tried all the classics – doing her from behind, the tried and true missionary position, her on top, her on top facing the other way, spooning, etc. But the book of love has many chapters, and there are some positions that you probably haven’t tried, unless you’re among the true Kama Sutra cognoscenti.

Add these three positions to your sexual repertoires:

The Clasp: In this position, your gal wraps her arms around your neck, puts her legs around your hips, and is suspended off the ground as you face and penetrate her. It allows both for deep penetration and stimulation of her clitoris, which will rub and grind against your pubic area as you thrust. Consequently, a lot of women who try the Clasp love it, because it hits all the right buttons, so to speak.

Obviously the Clasp isn’t for the weak, tired or woefully out of shape, because it requires you to support her weight as you thrust and penetrate her. You can cheat a little by resting your butt on a table or counter-top, but be careful not to put too much weight on an unstable surface, or you both might come crashing down for a decidedly non-orgasmic experience.

The Slanted Wheelbarrow: Standing behind her, help your partner lift one of her legs in the air as you slide your cock into her from behind, providing deep, smooth penetration at a slightly unusual angle, stimulating parts of her that might go untouched in other positions.

If you and your partner like this position, and plan to stay in it a while, be sure to change which leg she has planted on the floor from time to time. This will help prevent exhaustion and muscle soreness in both her legs – and let her know you’re thinking about her comfort and pleasure, too, and not just looking for something that feels good to you.

The Kneeling Master: At first glance, this position just looks like fucking someone from behind, but trust me, the fact that you’re standing and she’s not creates an angle of penetration that’s a whole different thing from a “standard” boning from behind. She’ll feel tighter to you, and you’ll feel bigger to her – which is what I call a true win-win! It’s called different things by different people, but we like the “Kneeling Master” because it makes us feel like we’re experts in banging babes from behind.

What position does your lady love?

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