10 Male Erogenous Zones and Tips to Explore Them

Uncover ten male erogenous zones and how to make them feel oh so good.

I love exploring a woman’s body more than anything else in life. That being said, the most wonderful thing about true magical romance is the reciprocal energy of a generous woman who has the same insatiable passion for me.

I know there are things that I’m not into that other dudes go crazy for, and my age and sexual orientation give me my specific satisfiers, so if you don’t feel the same, then don’t yuck my yum, just add yours.

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Men need to talk more about what they need sexually, what they’re not getting emotionally and physically. Pick your ten points of bliss, and tell someone—how you like to be fondled AND don’t like to be, and other sexy little secrets.

10 Male Erogenous Zones You Should Stimulate

Here are some of my favorite male erogenous zones. Is your special spot on the list?

1. Lips

Every man should have appealing lips that work for his face, his chin, his beard, his cheeks, and the way he talks. Lip balm, lotion, mouthwash and gum help. Guys sometimes underestimate and downplay the importance of having appealing lips, but LL Cool J was never that man!

There is NO end to the types of kisses that can be given, and there’s NO end to the experience a man can have with his lips. Keep getting better at kissing!

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Lovers Embracing in Bed

2. Hands

Men’s hands deserve more attention as an erogenous zone. Our hands may be strong and rough, yet love a gentle touch, through massage or even a manicure. Don’t think you’re too masculine for a manicure!

Hands being kissed feel good to anyone. Caresses are relaxing, and feeling warm hot spots on a woman’s body bring delight to one’s digits. Fingers can be licked and sucked like dicks too!

3. Feet

Men’s feet are a much neglected male erogenous zone, far more than women’s which clearly dominate the foot fetish fantasy realm. Men, nevertheless, would love a little foot worship.

Men often hide their feet in sex and life, but with a little encouragement most of us would love attention—tickling, massaging, pampering, scratching, slapping, fondling—like any other body part.

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4. Stomach

Often the centerpiece of many men’s sexual offerings, the abdominal region is highly charged with muscles and soft flesh that is easily eroticized and enjoyed, and the stomach should be treated lovingly.

A man’s stomach need not come with a Magic Mike six-pack to be sexy. Dad bods and big bears with a furry spare tire of warmth to lay on are definitely on many people’s lists of desires. But so are chiseled, sweaty, washboard abs for some.

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Attractive Woman Unzipping Man's Pants

5. Shoulders

Great for massages and kissing, and very nice for biting and scratching if the scene calls for more, the shoulders are another underappreciated male erogenous zone.

Some men’s broad shoulders definitely do get noticed and cherished, but it’s not a widely discussed area. Stroke the shoulders like they are a shaft. Oil them up and rub them down with different topicals.

6. Nipples

A man’s nipples are a very specific erogenous zone that also does not get much loving. Our nipples are just as sensitive as women’s, so don’t be shy to pinch and suck and nibble.

My nipples became more sensitive as I got older, which was an absolute, delightful surprise. I remember the first time that I tried nipple clamps. They felt marvelous, and I recommend that ladies surprise their lovers with a pair.

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Woman on Top Foreplay

7. Testicles

This pleasure zone is probably the most delicate part of a man’s body, besides his innocent little heart, haha.

A man’s testicles can be played with in a dozen different ways, and can be touched with all kinds of textures and toys. Don’t let our precious jewels’ delicate keep you from testing their sensitivity. Some of us even like a little cock and ball torture (CBT) in our foreplay sessions!

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8. Ass

The ass is definitely a fun erogenous zone for men, but it is somewhat taboo in heteronormative circles (not where I spend my quality community time entertaining).

Many men pretend they don’t like “butt stuff,” but spanking, slapping, massaging, tickling, rubbing, cooling and warming sensations are great to bestow upon a gentleman’s hindquarters, and this is only the beginning. The world is your oyster if your man is opening his butt to be played with!

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Couple in Underwear

9. Thighs

Considering how the ass and the feet don’t get the attention they deserve as male erogenous zones, there’s something between the two that gets even LESS attention—thick, juicy, sexy thighs. The thigh bone is the biggest bone in the body, NOT your penis, ha ha.

The thighs have soft skin and hard muscle beneath, and the backs of the thigh are often ticklish—a great place to leave surprise kisses on a man’s bod.

10. Asshole

Finally we are here, in the man’s asshole—the ultimate sex pleasure destination on a man’s body. But do most men even KNOW this fact? Kinda, possibly, maybe? Do most men accept the fact that their fun button aka their G-Spot is located inside their anus? Not enough of them do!

Thankfully, there is a lifetime to explore the asshole, so it’s never too late. Begin with allowing a pinky or small butt plug in. Once you get a feel for the unique and wondrous sensation, think about having her don a strap-on.

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There are more than ten male erogenous zones on every man, just ask your lover!

Addi “Malcolm Lovejoy” Stewart

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