7 Ways to Play with a Man’s Balls

Dick, dick, dick. Cock, penis, erection, hard-on, boner. Screw it! Take all your attention OFF the dick for at least one hour a month, if you dare!

Blowjobs are definitely an artform that can be taken too simply because X amount of penis owners are easily aroused by anything in a skirt and a low-cut blouse. I do not judge this, as I am also a penis owner who LOVES the curves of a beautiful person.

Quickies are great when that’s all we have time for, and I’m not shaming anyone who can’t be multi-orgasmic or last hours in the sack. I’m just saying that having control of your dick is a great thing to have!

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Also, having so much control over your dick that you don’t care for it to be the central focus of your sexual experiences (or those you give to someone else) is also a spectacularly elevated level of intimacy to work yourself up!

There are soooo many parts of the body that get neglected, and so many other erogenous zones that could be titillated, if only one had the curiosity to explore such intriguing places. And that’s why we’re here. It’s time to have fun with BALLS!

7 Ball Play Ideas

Next time you have the opportunity, try some of these different ways to play with a man’s balls.

1. Caress the Balls with Fingertips

The tips of the fingers are so delicate and sensitive, for both the person with the hands touching and the person with the balls being touched.

Caressing with fingertips should be done slowly, gently, and carefully, but light pressure can be applied when boundaries of pain and pleasure are clearly understood. Also, nails can be used, but also very gently!

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2. Cup the Balls

This is a very underrated technique, and goes back to a primal truth about testicles—hold them, and the whole body WARMS UP!

Cupping balls is a great way to make a hot sensation run through at least the central part of a body. They can be molded and shaped gently by this activity, and pushed delicately in heat-increasing and pleasure-increasing ways.

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3. Stroke the Seam

Stroking the ball sac’s seam is another ball play technique just waiting to be explored with the finger or tongue, if not some other tactile object. Trace the seam of the underside of the balls.

The seam is a highly sensitive part of the balls that goes unattended too often, and it shouldn’t. The seam runs all the way to the perineum and the anus, so play with the entire length of the seam, and stroke it until the whole genital area is tumescent!

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4. Ball Licking

Licking the balls creates mass happiness, but also can cause a special form of pain if done with a pointed tongue that stabs too sharply. It’s best to use the flat surface of the tongue.

Pardon the crudeness, but lick it like an animal. Animals know how to lick something enough to taste it and make contact, but not lick too hard or too much, which is how ball licking should be performed. Unless very rough licking is requested, treat it like an ice cream cone by licking gingerly.

While you are having your balls licked, why not get into reciprocal 69 sex position.

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5. Ball Sucking

Something even MORE dangerous but even MORE delightful when done right is using a vacuuming technique on the testicles!

Sucking balls is how to provide a marvelous sensation, but the teeth have to be in proper position NOT to bite or graze or chomp into any soft fleshy bits. Pain doesn’t come in a worse package.

Be kind, be careful, and then be creative in your sucking and slurping of the balls, because it’s absolute bliss when done right. The more saliva the better, and the more area you cover the better too.

If a little rimming happens to happen, so be it. Ball sucking is a top tier oral technique.

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6. Lube the Balls Up

Balls are all tucked up in pants and boxers and underwear all day, and don’t get massaged enough. Some people definitely adjust and scratch their junk enough to give them attendant attention… but that’s not the same as giving a ball massage.

Just like a back massage needs some coconut oil or lotion to make for a smooth glide and supple surface, so too do the balls. Once the preferred hand pressure is decided, you can go nuts and grease them bad boys up with reckless abandon. Who doesn’t love a gooey greasy ball massage!

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7. Gentle Tapping or Slapping

The tapping and slapping of balls requires serious communication before and during to prevent serious damage—mental, physical, and emotional.

Do it badly and you could send someone to the hospital, so do not do this without a conversation first, a serious warmup, and an extra-slow exploration of pain thresholds (always start at level one with any kind of impact play that you are administering.)

There are some people who CAN take a LOT of impact to the testicles, and I won’t to speak for them. All I will say is that if you DO meet one and they DO ask for a hard slap or kick to the testicles, take it slow, know your safewords, and follow their protocols!

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Tapping and slapping can be done with household items and sex toys, but it all must be controlled, careful, considerate, and cautious, before the impact is COMPLETELY UNLEASHED. It’s a fine line, and only the most educated, practiced, and prepared people can do it right.

8. Pair Ball Play with a Blow Job

Now you’re ready to pair your next blowjob with one or more of these testicle treats. I hope you have balls everywhere bouncing in joy!

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What are your favorite ball play techniques?

Addi “Malcolm Lovejoy” Stewart

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