Men’s Biggest Sexual Turn-Ons

What turns men on?

Some turn-ons for men are obvious while some are more subtle in their charm. Every woman can offer, manipulate, enhance, remove, or exploit these turn-ons as desired.

There is no end to the journey of where these sexual turn-ons will take you because each person’s body provides a different pleasure experience at every age. Don’t think all men will stop being attracted to you after 65!

Few men are attracted to EVERYTHING equally. That said, it’s hard to encapsulate and articulate every single element and detail of what and why a man is turned on, but it doesn’t matter.

Some people only need ONE thing to drive them nuts. Some guys are good to go if she’s got a big ol’ booty, and nothing else needs to be to his preference. Attraction is a mysterious powerful force!

7 Sexual Turn-Ons for Men

I’ll share some of the most timeless and global sexual turn-ons of men. Let’s discuss a bit of the science and art behind these turn-ons that woo and hypnotize men’s bodies and brains.

1. Breasts and Cleavage

Women’s breasts are a simple, basic, obvious attraction. Why? Because humans are mammals! Breasts are the first Happy Place we have in life, as they provide food, heat, and warmth.

MOST men are sexually attracted to breasts to various degrees because they feel wonderful in the hand, delicious in the mouth, and lovely around one’s cock.

But even when breasts aren’t being touched or fucked, we can NOT forget the eternally magic power of a simple long line of cleavage in a low-cut, form-fitting shirt.

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Even though I was a size king for breasts when I was younger, I know better now that breasts are about proportion! Beautiful breasts can be found in A-cups if they sit just right on the ribcage. DDs are not going to be turned away in my bedroom though!

Sexy Woman on Laptop

2. Ass

A woman’s ass is perhaps the second most popular body, and in some parts of the world the most attractive body part to men.

A woman’s ass is delightful in sex positions like doggy style and reverse cowgirl when the butt protrudes, and it can be bounced up against with the most fervor and passion—bumping into the bumper!

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An ass feels as good in the hands as breasts do, and it can be penetrated sexually, which is something breasts can only imitate. The ass can be rimmed and fucked with strap-ons and other toys. Her ass can be spanked and slapped until it’s red and bruised (if so desired), which is something that lots of men are turned on by.

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I gotta give a big shoutout to women’s nearby parts that make the ass even BETTER: her waist and hips! They add dimensions and shape and curves… ooh, so delicious!

Anal Hookup

3. Face

A woman’s face is often the first thing that a man is attracted to. Nothing like a pretty face. Eyes that attract. Eyelashes that flutter. Cute nose. Big red lips that lick and spark up lust.

Men are attracted to faces of all shapes and kinds. Marilyn Monroes to Imans, Lucy Lius to Salma Hayeks! There are oh so many beautiful faces to look at while walking down the street, or while fucking fantastically in missionary position. Love a hot face!

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Redhead Beauty

4. Personality & Character

Men are not only about the body, as much as the media wants to sell it with discussions focused on the male gaze.

Sure, men will stare at tits and ass all day. But if a woman is in a man’s vicinity and he can talk to her, if they don’t have any personal chemistry, he won’t be turned on by the hottest tits and ass. Not for very long, anyways!

Just being hot isn’t enough for some guys. If she can’t laugh, or doesn’t have any political thoughts (or has too many political thoughts), or just doesn’t vibe well with him, he won’t be attracted.

A unique engaging personality, along with the physical attributes a man is most attracted to, will turn him on the most.

Couple Laughing Together

5. Movement and Mystery

All the sexy body parts in the world will not attract too many men if she’s not confident about herself and knows how to possess her flesh with mystique and grace.

Speaking of Marilyn Monroe, that woman knew how to WALK. Her iconic moments with her dresses are memorable decades later. The legs are a major factor of attraction for many men. They are the appetizer to the main course of pussy.

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But it’s not just a woman’s legs when she walks—it’s the way she carries herself, how high she holds her head, her posture, what kind of impression she leaves when she walks through a room. All these things have a lot to do with how a woman turns on a man. Is she getting closer? Ooh…

Dominant Woman Leaning into Man

6. Voice and Her Way with Words

Is she whispering in your ear? How silky smooth is her voice? Men are highly turned on by voices that have that je ne sais quoi.

Her voice can be a soft and sultry, husky and sexy, tiny and child-like, or stern and powerful. Each one of these voices turn on different men in different ways in different scenarios.

The vocal turn-on is also about WHAT she says, and how she fucking says it! Her choice of words really can have an impact. Does she talk dirty? We can only hope so!

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Man Whispering to Woman

7. Touch

Nothing turns a man on like a woman who reaches out to touch him softly or even grab him passionately with lust and confidence.

When a woman touches a man with her breasts or ass, when her lips part while whispering dirty desires in his ear—I can’t imagine a man being more hot and bothered enough to want to make love on the spot!

But touch is the last thing that usually happens, so all the other elements have to align properly, plus consent MUST be there.

Once that’s all in place, then I hope she’s grabbing you with both hands and grinding her entire body up against you to make you more turned on than you’ve ever been!

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What are your biggest sexual turn-ons?

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