How to Tell Her About Your Foot Fetish

Do you have a foot fetish? Are you wondering how to tell your partner about it?

The foot fetish may be the world’s most popular fetish. And while some women will enjoy a partner’s feet—men’s or women’s—foot fetish is predominantly a kink that is enjoyed by men.

No two men will likely enjoy their foot fetish in exactly the same way, but there may be similarities.

A foot fetish can be all about the touch—rubbing, massaging, kissing, caressing, licking, sucking, tickling, torturing. Or it may be purely visual—admiring, worshiping, complimenting, adorning, dressing. And for sure there are men out there that want to eat food off of their lover’s feet or sniff toes that are dirty. It takes all kinds to make up our vast world of kink.

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Even though the foot fetish is common in the world of kink, it’s still not always easy to share with a partner, especially someone you are just getting to know. No one wants to trip a wire that will cause a new lover to run. But, you also don’t want to keep your fetish for feet completely under wraps and unfulfilled.

6 Tips to Tell Her You Have a Foot Fetish

1. Tell Her Before You Meet

If you are still in the process of looking for a lover or partner online, you can simply state in your profile that you have a foot fetish. 99.5% of women will not be turned off, as it’s considered a mild kink by most standards. It may actually attract quite a few women who love to have their feet worshiped and adored.

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2. Just Tell Her

Again, because this kink doesn’t have a lot of issues related to safety and danger to one’s physical or sexual self, you likely won’t send anyone packing. The worst outcome would be that she doesn’t want you to suck her toes, or she’s not going to be interested in wearing the stilettos you’ve had hidden in your closet (maybe not outside, but maybe in the bedroom!)

When it comes to indulging a lover’s kinks (that you don’t share), this one has a good chance of happening. It’s not like asking her to be tied up and flogged while her nipples are clamped.

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3. Buy Her Sexy Shoes

In writing circles, we like to say: Show, don’t tell. If for whatever reasons (and there may be many), you don’t want to come out and say you’re a foot fetishist, you can still enjoy your kink through showing an appreciation for her feet in other ways. Most women like shoes, be it high heels, open-toe sandals, or flats. You can buy her something you fantasize about, but remember, if it’s too far off from her tastes, you may be letting your foot fetish out of the kink bag!

4. Give Her Foot Rubs

Touching is usually part of the foot fetish, and this is something many women will enjoy after a long day or otherwise. My lover loves to rub my feet while we watch tv, and it feels damn good. Sometimes it even puts me in the mood. There are some women out there who hate their own feet and won’t let anyone touch them, even a partner. Depending on your taste of feet, this connection likely won’t happen but is still possible.

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5. Give Her a Pedicure

Many women pay good money to get their toes painted at the salon. I often think: why can’t men learn this skill? Can they? It’s definitely delicate work that needs finesse and is a lot more than throwing a coat of fresh paint on, but if you think you’re up for the challenge, let her teach you. I like the intimacy this scenario presents, and I’m sure many women would also find it arousing.

6. Ask for a Footjob

This is like telling her without directly telling her. If you love women’s feet, you may love the idea of two soles wrapped around your cock, rubbing and squeezing and pulling. Maybe you will be holding her feet and helping. Although the foot fetish can have nothing to do with sex, this is a way to combine the two if it is a float-your-boat fantasy.

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Also, FYI, as someone who gives regular footjobs, I can say it’s not the easiest position to maintain, and it’s hard to apply the right pressure for a great length of time, so it’s more of a foreplay move than a finishing move.

How do you tell partners about your foot fetish? Please share!

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