Going Down to Get Her Off

Sensual Long-Haired Woman

We should all be striving to grow as human beings, and hopefully part of this growth is becoming a better lover. Sadly this isn’t always the case. I’ve made the mistake often, believing that if a man is older and has more experience that he will be great in bed. I’ve also met plenty of men who talk a big game about his skill set, only to disappoint me once the clothes come off. Part of being a memorable lover is being good at oral sex.

You need to master the art of cunnilingus. If you don’t like it and refuse to perform it, you can’t expect a mind-numbing blowjob… or one at all, for that matter. Also, don’t ever make a woman ask for this, just do it! Enthusiasm is important! You want her to know that you enjoy pleasing her. A lot of women only get off this way, so it really needs to be part of your repertoire.

Every woman’s body and pleasure centre is different, so when you are hooking up for the first time, take your time. Explore her entire body and when you do get up close and personal between her legs, gently investigate all her nooks and crannies. Find her clitoris… some are very well hidden. Use your lips and tongue to stimulate her, as well as nibbling and sucking for added sensations.

Listen to her moans to see what she reacts to best and listen to her words. Some women are very vocal about what they like and don’t like and when they want to move on to penetration. If you can give her an orgasm before yours, it really shows that you are a selfless lover, something she won’t forget and will want to experience again.

Using a small vibrator or dildo that you can slide inside her at the same time is a great bonus to the play. And get into the 69 position so that you can suck and lick each other at the same time. I love this and it turns me on so much to be eaten out while having a cock in my mouth.

It really is all about practice, and as you get to know someone more and more, you’ll learn just how to please them.

Ideas for Sexy Sensory Play

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