How to Give Her an Orgasm

Yet another headline on the magazine rack about men being daft and inept at making women orgasm.

Maybe it cuts deeply because you’re thinking that your hot new hookup has been faking it. You know your ex was satisfied—at least, you’re pretty sure, since she begged you often enough to get her off, and you were happy to comply. But all those tricks aren’t working now.

I’ll tell you something that won’t make me popular with the ladies, but you need to believe me: there is nothing wrong with your prowess, your equipment, or your hot factor.

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Women are at a real advantage in sex, because it’s easy to get you to come. Our side of the bargain is really about helping you hold it back to enjoy us longer!

Sure, there are exceptions, and men can be nervous or ill or not in the mood. But as a rule, any of the methods available to us will work to make you blow your load, and fast if we aren’t careful!

Women are different.

As in, all of us, different from one another.

What worked on your ex simply won’t work on me, and what I need probably won’t work for your next hookup. There’s only one way to make a woman orgasm—her way.

I bet you know this already, but you haven’t quite processed it, because that means letting go of everything you’ve practiced for and of a certain sense of virility. But those things are nonsense. I don’t require your practiced mechanics—I require you to get to know MY body.

There’s your secret ticket, and what a thrill it is!

That’s all. That’s it. You take the time to get to know HER body. It works differently than all the other women you have been with. Yes, some skills are transferable. And some aren’t. Find out for yourself by exploring every part of her, and trying different strokes. Ask for her lead, then follow it. Ask to watch her get off, and watch carefully.

Here’s another tip: don’t freak out if she doesn’t come. I’m not saying be selfish and worry only about your gratification. But think first and foremost about the journey and not “the goal.”

It can put tremendous pressure on a woman to have an orgasm because she’s expected to and because it’s a part of the pleasure, and because your pleasure matters to her, too.

But we don’t always come. We work differently than you, and if she says she’s satisfied, believe her. It can take a few hookups for us to let go, even if we are experienced and uninhibited!

I don’t know why this is, but I can honestly say, I don’t always orgasm with someone new, and not because anything is wrong. It can be incredibly hot and fulfilling.

I can always have an orgasm by myself, and it can happen in two minutes. But it’s not even close to the peak of excitement I reach fooling around with you. I’d rather play with you than come at home.

I know you were hoping this article would contain magic techniques to blow her mind, or something tangible for you to take away about how to make her come hard.

But think about this: if you are the only guy reading this who takes it to heart and does what it says, and you stop worrying and start worshipping, you’re going to have a very long lineup of babes begging you for more!

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