She Has Her Period: 4 No-Penetration Sex Ideas

The best laid plans can always go awry. There’s nothing worse than having a hot date planned and then getting my period. It happens all the time, too—at least once a month!

Some women are comfortable having sex while menstruating. I’m not one of them. It’s normal and natural, yes, but things for me are messy and bloated and nothing is going in right about then.

If you’re comfortable, that’s terrific. If your date is also comfortable, you can have sex with her during her period.

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But for most of us, that time of the month will mean non-penetrative sex. For me, at least for the main days, it is sex that is not focused on me and my vagina! And while I love getting fucked, getting sucked, getting finger banged—the whole nine yards—this is the time that it’s ALL ABOUT YOU. And if your date is horny, giving, and still up for fooling around, there’s lots of fun to be had.

4 Ideas for Sex When She Has Her Period

1. Enjoy a Start-to-Finish Blowjob

Having regular sex partners, long-time sex partners, or multiple sex partners at once doesn’t always mean getting start-to-finish blowjobs. Given the option of penetration, most of us want that and so you don’t come in her mouth very often, or from her licking and sucking. Pity, really, because it’s a special pleasure of its own.

If your partner enjoys sucking your cock and is a generous lover, when she’s having her period she may be just as excited as you are about pleasuring you all the way with her mouth. I feel very powerful and erotic performing oral sex on a man.

Take note, however, that this is more likely to happen if we are already lovers, probably not the first time we meet.

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4. Make Out Like the Plane is Going Down

There’s something to be said for stoking the fire and being made to wait when there’s no penetration. Period week is great for old married couples and fresh dates alike to experience the joy of making out and walking around with blue balls in a daze.

Sometimes it feels like the art of heavy petting is lost. With less stigma on casual sex and lots of options for safe sex and contraception, why wait? One reason to just make out, with it “going nowhere,” is to amp up the anticipation and make the thrill linger. Instead of just getting off when she has her period, you enjoy kissing, exploring, and playful teasing to the fullest.

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3. Explore Kinks, Yours and Hers

When penis in vagina is not on the menu, imaginative lovers experiment with a variety of ways to play.

It can be about mild kinks or extreme fetishes. It can be anything from a bit of spanking to lengthy bondage and discipline scenes. There are so many varieties of kink that focus on other things besides penetration.

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4. Try Roleplaying

When she has her period, role play is an unlimited avenue of fun and pleasure. You can become anyone. Role play can be very simple, from her asking you to call her a slut, or calling you Daddy while lying over your lap, to elaborate characterization and costume.

I especially love meeting in public for a date while we’re both dressed up as other people, as if for a feature film. I love to play a cheap hooker and wear fishnets and a hoodie, or play the rich socialite after borrowing my friend’s Prada. I can also get off on playing the shy nerdy girl who is going to unravel you in bed three dates down the road.

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What’s your go-to for no-penetration sex when she has her period?

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