Sex with a Woman on Her Period

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Let’s Still Have Sex, Period

Some guys wouldn’t be caught dead having sex with a girl who’s mired in menstruation; some women feel the same. The distaste is one of obvious visceral concern: she’s bleeding down there, and how on earth can anyone think there’s anything sexy about that? Guess what: many peeps—men and women alike—don’t shy away. In fact, it can be an attractive proposition.

Women’s periods can affect them in different ways, and in many cases it makes them feel crampy, bloaty, and downright unsexy. What they want is to be left alone to suffer in peace. But menstruation can have a very different effect on others. Some women find all those hormones actually increase their sex drive. Some also claim the orgasm helps to relieve the cramping. So, technically, some women remain open-for-business.

Obviously guys talk about this amongst themselves (as we do with pretty much all things sex-related), and like the women’s perspectives, there’s a split: some maintain a “no period” policy strictly because the blood is a gross-out, others swear by it. I’m one of the latter.

For all you guys who need to bit of enlightenment on the matter, consider the following:

  • For goodness sake, it’s not Niagara Falls down there! Take some time to learn a few facts. It’s hardly the gush you imagine it to be.
  • Why miss out on having sex with a gal who, as a result of her period, is hornier than ever? I assure you it still feels the same; and if it’s the sight of it you can’t bear, then just close your eyes and think of England.
  • You can always avoid the hole and keep focused on the clit. No blood, and always effective. And if she sees you’re not disgusted, you’ll be rewarded in spades for your efforts.
  • You’ll be hard-pressed to find a woman who’ll insist you give her oral sex while she’s bleeding, so don’t feel you have to make a “right of refusal” disclaimer upfront. (That being said, I’ve met a few guys along the way who do enjoy bloody oral. To each his own.)

There is another hefty consideration worth noting. If you happen to be in a monogamous relationship and birth control is an issue, then what better time to go balls-deep than when you’re guaranteed not to get pregnant? It can be very liberating—and sexy—to have a few condom-free days each month.

I don’t expect this post to change anyone’s mind. But if you’re willing to consider it, try starting with the clit.

And if your gullywots insist on it, keep the lights off.

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