How to Have Sex with a Woman on Her Period

One way a guy can get more sex is to be flexible about getting busy when a woman has her period.

After all, menstruating takes up approximately a quarter of a woman’s time. By being open to sex while she’s having her period, you automatically get 25% more sex possibilities!

The next time a potential hookup or date texts you, “Sorry, I got my period,” text her back with an affirmative message: “We can still play in ways comfortable for you. What do you think?”

If you’re like most guys I’ve been with, you might be willing but not really know how to proceed.

Tips for Sex on Her Period

Learn from a Girlfriend

The best opportunity to get comfortable with menstruation sex is with a familiar, intimate lover. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible to figure things out from casual hookups, but it is easier with someone you know and love, to get comfortable with the nitty gritty and the ups and downs.

Enjoy Everything-but-Sex Sex

Far from being the drawback, this is the highlight of menstruation sex. If intercourse is off limits, you get creative and playful. Knowing you won’t be sticking your cock inside means less hurry, and a more sensual encounter.

Go for Broke if Intercourse Isn’t Off Limits

Here’s the nitty gritty for ME—it depends on my flow. If big chunks of bloody tissue are gushing out, I don’t want you going in. It’s all natural, sure, but I don’t want penetration.

Now, a different stage of flow could be the horniest time for her. If she is comfortable going all the way, it’s a great chance to get up close and personal with her body, and yours. It’s just blood. Wear a condom, and shower together before and after.

Another way to prepare is to have a few cheap shower curtains on hand. Put it over the bed with dark sheets on top, and you don’t have to worry about your blankets or mattress. She’ll appreciate not having to worry too.

Don’t Expect Anal

Anal sex for a woman is not up for grabs because one hole is out of service! Remember that women want anal when they are so aroused they want more, above and beyond the usual. You won’t just get to stick your dick up her ass just because her pussy is bleeding, sorry.

Embrace Her Horny

I often don’t feel well during my period, but I can still be really horny—it’s the hormone soup. So I may want sex even if I don’t, and this means I’m often dying to give you a blowjob.

I love performing oral on a nice cock, and how often do you get to finish that way? Enjoy the treat.

Try Going Down

Experiment to find the comfort zone for both of you. Some women can enjoy this if freshly showered. Some find it very intimate and arousing to lick blood. Lots of couples will be playful with light licking and kissing, but not a full-on, deep pussy sucking.

Get Wet and Wild in the Shower

If either of you are squeamish, or things just get messy, head to the shower. It can be really sensuous to stroke and finger each other in the warm water, and anything you don’t want too much of will just be washed away.

Share what you’ve learned with the rest of us!

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