Hookup Ideas without Penetration

While many of us are totally cool with sex on a first date, it’s not always a possibility for many reasons. But who says you can’t hook up without some flirty-foreplay-and-beyond fun.

We are living in a time where we need to get creative not only to connect with our families and friends, but with romantic and sexual partners or possible partners as well.

Let your imagination run wild so that not having actual penetration isn’t a disappointment. When you have something to look forward to, it keeps you going. Let me share some ideas for hooking up without penetration to get you started.

6 Ideas for Hookups without Penetration

1. Play the Field Online

Many of us like to take our time chatting on dating sites before actually meeting. But there are plenty of women who just like “kicking the tires” without any intention of ever meeting. If you don’t want sex or just love the thrill of talking to beautiful interesting women, why not join several dating sites and talk to your heart’s content. You don’t have to worry about being called out as a player, as long as you’re honest.

2. Keep Your Hookups Digital

If you want to date, but not in real life (more and more people are doing this) then get creative with your new digital dating lifestyle. You can always order take-out for two addresses and enjoy a meal together, apart. You can go watch a movie together from the comfort of your own homes, pausing and discussing as you go. Or you can talk dirty and share your fantasies.

3. Pay to Play for One-Way Sex

There’s nothing wrong with paying for sex when that’s what you want. What I’m talking about here is phone sex or web-cam sex, which is often offered by the same sex worker for different prices. There are more women offering this service now than ever, and if you’re feeling horny and want to hear a vixen talk dirty or watch a beautiful women play with herself, it’s there as an option.

4. Meet in Public Only

Outdoor dating is another option if it’s not twenty below where you live. Parks, beaches, trails, and ice rinks are all viable options in many places. Dates that involve some kind of physicality can help take the pressure off. They provide a chance for you to get to know each other, as well as find out if you’re compatible and want something more intimate.

5. Act Out Your Kinks

If you do end up at your place or hers, you can get downright dirty without penetration. There are many kinks that don’t even involve sex. Where will you meet these kinky partners? I recommend niche dating sites, like BDSMdate.com, where you’ll find women who aren’t going to wait until the seventh date to reveal their sexual proclivities.

6. Engage in Mutual Masturbation

My favorite way to have sex when penetration isn’t on the table is to masturbate together. It’s a great way to learn how someone gets themselves off—a huge turn on for both sexes. You can make it a game of show and tell, then see who can orgasm first. Bring out the sex toys if you want a real race to the finish line.

Are you hooking up without penetration? Share your ideas in the comments!

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