How to Make a Guy Cum Harder and Faster

Wondering how to help your man have a more explosive ejaculation? Want to make him cum harder than ever?

The anatomical technology of a penis is generally easier operate than that of a vagina, but they both have operational requirements that help them explode more efficiently. 

If you apply just a little extra elbow grease, affectionate effort, erotic intention, and biological awareness, there’s a whole new world of entertainment you can experience! 

Penises are notoriously easier to bring to completion than vaginas (but yes, there are exceptions to every rule) and some cocks really can bust after a few pumps. The “two-minute man” nickname exists for a reason! But this isn’t every man or every penis. 

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I usually need a good twenty minutes of stimulation before I’m ready to arrive at Happyland. But I know I’m not the average joe, so I can’t say that everyone shares my desire to prolong the journey or approach sex in a tantric and service-oriented, pleasure-centered, non-orgasm-focused manner. 

Whether you’re in a rush to have him bust or he’s the type to explode much bigger if you build up to the nut, here are some tips!

5 Ways to Make Him Cum Faster and Harder

1. Play with Pressure

Penetrative sex is based upon basic scientific principles. The first of these important concepts is tightness of the crevasse, a small space entered by a slightly larger object. And what does this provide to the object? PRESSURE! 

So, if you want to make a cock cum harder… increase the pressure you provide! Of course, use very slight additions of pressure, as cocks are delicate! One wise way to increase pressure is to use both hands and spread out the skin real estate you are applying pressure to. Other things that add pressure are cock rings… explore how tight you can squeeze his cock.

Woman being Sprayed with White Liquid

2. Increase Speed

Squeezing won’t feel good with fast and DRY pressure (unless you like it that way, I don’t judge!) The speedy stroking of dicks cannot happen well without lubrication.

So, get it wet, dripping, juicy, and moist. Saliva or whatever lube you like—there are many options in the world. Hell, I know someone who uses melted butter to increase their orgasmic pleasure! 

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Without motion and speed, it’s difficult to generate the heat needed to reach orgasm. So to make him cum, go all Keanu and Sandra on that dick, adding speed like you can’t go under 50 MPH (masturbations per hour!) And don’t stop until you reach that explosive climax!

3. Involve the Balls

To make him cum harder, don’t forget to play with the testicles, beyond stroking the shaft and head. Many men are known to really enjoy orgasms enhanced through testicle sensation play.

While the shaft is being stroked, the testicles can be sucked and the perineum pushed with pressure simultaneously.

It takes a bit of rhythmic coordination, but practice makes perfect pleasure! Different speeds and different pressures can be added to the balls, or you can throw in some deep throating while playing with the testicles. 

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Man Undoing Belt

4. Practice Edging

How long do you have to tease this dick today? All day and night? Well, then if you want to make orgasms more insane than ever before, then edging is in order. 

There is a point of no return when you can’t stop the hot lava flow from erupting, but there’s a school of wise sexual practitioners who know the absolute joy of extending the pre-climax infinitely by lingering in the realm of “almost” coming, and not quite reaching that point of no return. 

Keep the dick jumping with pre-climax energy. Let it rise with hard, wet, fast strokes, then leave it for ten seconds. Rise. Rinse. Repeat. Rise. Rinse. Repeat. Edge your way to ecstacy, my friends. The dick will love the extra attention, even though it may seem like torture at times. 

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5. Engage Erogenous Zones

You can make a man cum harder or faster by adding extras to the main course! 

Squeeze his nipples while stroking his dick. Lick the frenulum while tickling his ribs or obliques. Suck the mushroom cap alone while leaving the rest of the dick alone and cold… then cover the entire dick with your mouth and hands, like a cock and awe campaign! 

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Stroke his  legs and stomach while scraping your nails on his lower back. Pinch or bite his inner thigh flesh while stroking his shaft. Insert a butt plug. Squeeze his ass. These enormous little extras are all it takes to make a half-decent blowjob a mind-blowing blowjob that is daydreamed about all month.

There are endless ways to make a man climax faster and harder. Use your imaginative erotic arsenal and mix it up every time for more explosive results.

When you want to make your guy cum fast and hard, what’s your go-to technique?

Bon appetit,
Addi “Malcolm Lovejoy” Stewart

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