4 Tips to Last Longer with a Sexy Woman

You know the drill. Sometimes when you’re with an incredibly sexy woman, it’s hard to contain yourself when it comes to the point of orgasm.

Still, if you want this to be a repeat affair and not a one-off, or a situation that ends up with her being sore at you for not giving her enough of a good old-fashioned shagging, you’re going to have to learn to control your ejaculations. Here are a few ideas to slow things down.

4 Tips to Slow Your Sex Roll

1. Control the Pace

Things can start to escalate out of control—she’s on top of you, bouncing, sliding, gyrating her hips on your cock. You feel yourself headed towards that cliff edge. What to do?

The trick here is to slow things down. Roll her over and make it romantic. Slow your strokes, caress her face, kiss her. This will not only give you a chance to reset your penile clock, but it will also make the whole thing more intimate. Learning how to edge, bringing her to the brink of orgasm over and over, can also be its own pleasure.

2. Think of Something Else

This is the one that you often hear guys mention. If you feel like you’re about to come, and you want to hold off, focus on anything other than your orgasm. Think about something wretched, gory, mundane—whatever works for you.

I know this sounds bizarre, but desperate times call for desperate measures. She will never know where your head is at anyhow. The feeling of wanting to ejaculate will pass if you just get your mind off it for a second. Everything about sex is psychological. Once you realize that, you will be in the clear.

3. Make Foreplay a Big Deal

If ejaculating too quickly is still an issue, despite the above advice, there are a couple more things you can try. She will be a little bit less focused on the sex act itself if you’ve already taken her part of the way in other areas via foreplay techniques.

Eat that pussy, finger her, suck her nipples, and learn to give her all kinds of sensual orgasmic experiences. This will take some of the heat off. Eventually you need to get over it and fuck her brains out, but in the short term, this will help a lot and earn you brownie points too.

4. Talk about It

You know what? If you’re having a sexual difficulty, talking about it with a woman is a good strategy. If you bring them in on the problem, then solving it becomes a part of the culture of the relationship, and thus the relationship has a chance to last longer.

Talking about sex isn’t always easy, especially if you are shy, but it can open up a dialogue that can lead to all sorts of wonderful experiences, like sharing fantasies that now have a chance to become a reality.

What helps you go the distance with hot woman? Share your advice in the comments!

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