How to Increase Your Sex Appeal

Sex appeal isn’t just one thing. It isn’t just a character trait or idiosyncratic behavior or facial feature. It’s often an intangible mix that creates a chemistry that draws one person to another.

If you’ve never been called sexy or thought of yourself as sexy, it’s not too late to foster the qualities that women say make a man sexy.

6 Tips to Increase Your Sex Appeal

1. Pay attention to your partner, or to the woman you’re with.

If there is one single quality that defines a man’s sex appeal, it’s this one. You can be a ten or a one, and this will ratchet up your sex appeal regardless. It’s simple—every man can do it, but few do.

Whether she is your long-time lover or just for tonight, give her your full attention. Notice what she’s wearing. Compliment her. Listen carefully when she talks. Don’t always look at your phone and then mumble “mmm-hmm.”

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Ask her questions about the things she is telling you. Point out things you think are beautiful. Touch her hand, her arm, her hair on occasion.

That’s it. It’s incredibly simple, and will put you ahead of the race.

More specifically, and just as important, if you are with many women or just dating casually, you should still pay close attention to the woman you are with. If you only have her for a few hours, give her even more attention.

We know you notice beautiful women, but if she has chosen you for sex, show some gratitude and make it about her. If she hasn’t chosen you, she might—even if a ten is in the running. All you have to do is keep your eyes on her for the duration of your date.

2. Stop feeling sorry for yourself.

Whining and negativity are cringe qualities, way uglier than being a four, being fat, being bald, having a small penis, or any other usual stuff you perceive as deficits.

I was at a wedding recently for a sizzling hot friend with killer curves. A real ten. Her groom is quite a portly fellow and has no hair. But all the girls are in love with Barry and totally jealous.

You would never catch him feeling sorry for himself or dwelling on his so called shortcomings. Instead, his chubbiness is part of his character. He can’t help his hairline, so he rocks all kinds of stylish, old fashioned hats and keeps his facial hair shaved in style. Instead of griping about his weight or lack of hair, he enjoys his food and tells great stories around the table. There are always a lot of women around him.

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3. Use your sense of humor.

You see this on every list of “what’s sexy” because a sense of humour so important. It’s far more important than a big dick. WAY more important. It’s sexier than being young, hot, or rich.

While you are wallowing in some wrinkle or middle-age belly, we’d rather be laughing and loving.

Do not skim this one and move on to “get a bigger cock” crap. If you want more sex, “paying attention to her” and “sense of humor” are your biggest tickets to all the pussy you can handle.

Don’t start cracking forced jokes. Don’t start acting like a clown and hope it’s funny.

To increase sex appeal, develop a real love of life. Learn to have fun, and be fun to be around. Lighten up. You can’t fake it, but working on developing this quality will pay off in spades. You don’t have to be a comedian. But you do need to loosen up and relax, learn to enjoy the moment, and have fun. That’s all. Not complicated.

Eugene Levy is an incredibly sexy man. He’s got big ears, bushy eyebrows, and bottle glasses, and he’s older. But lots of women agree he’s one of the hottest guys alive. Steve Martin is also sexy as fuck. He’s had white hair since he was twenty. He’s awkward and has a pasty complexion. But he plays the banjo like a champ and makes us laugh. Again, you don’t need to be a comedian, just pointing out that fun and funny makes plain or normal SEXY.

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4. Manscape, especially your feet.

You don’t need to be stereotypically handsome to make use of the manscaping available to you. Try out a new haircut, and moisturize the rough spots. Do your laundry. Take pride in your appearance.

You don’t need to be metrosexual or artificially change your style. If you’re blue collar guy, lace dress shoes will probably look ridiculous on you. Whatever your personality or style, maintaining great hygiene, that includes flossing and foot care, is far more important to boosting your sex appeal than rocking snazzy spectacles or the latest couture.

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5. Practice self-acceptance.

Being comfortable in your own skin is key to sex appeal. Accept yourself. If you happen to have two heads and neither of them have hair, your best bet is to learn to love yourself that way. The guy who says “I don’t have money for a Porsche, but I work hard and am a tender lover and passionate about world cuisines” knows exactly who he is and what he’s about. This is the guy women want to have sex with.

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6. Appreciate women for who they are.

Just the same, if you can accept your shortcomings and be aware of what’s interesting about you, the guy who knows beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and that all women are different, the guy who has realistic expectations and makes her feel accepted and comfortable, the guy who makes women feel sexy—that guy IS sexy.

Women are more insecure about their bodies and personalities than most men. Be the guy who makes us feel comfortable and alive and sexy, and your phone will never stop ringing off the hook.

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How do you increase your sex appeal? Share in the comments.

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