4 Grooming Tips from a Natural Woman

I’m what you might call an all-natural woman. I let hair grow where it wants to grow, I don’t wear makeup, and I don’t have a store-bought signature scent. I have no issue with people who like to fancy themselves up—to each their own—but it’s just not important to me. As a result, what follows is a fairly stripped-down guide to men’s grooming.

Instead of a list of what’s hot in body hair these days, I present to you some timeless and practical advice.

4 Grooming Tips from a Natural Woman

1. Don’t Worry about What’s Trendy

Some women prefer clean-shaven guys, while others go for all-out hairy types. There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to body hair, so don’t worry about it. Work on feeling comfortable in your own skin, as confidence is far sexier than any trend in manscaping.

If being trendy makes you feel good, then by all means, trim yourself into the perfect version of whatever’s cool right now. I’m just saying that lots of women either don’t care about that stuff, or they have a set preference.

2. Go Easy on Scented Products

Your natural smell plays an important role in sexual attraction, so don’t cover it up with a ton of artificial scents. If you absolutely must smell like something other than a human being before leaving the house, choose something subtle, and try not to mix scents. (Shower before a date, but don’t douse yourself in aftershave, then apply a deodorant that smells like mountain breeze.)

Be mindful of the fact that just because something smells nice in the bottle, doesn’t mean that it will smell nice on you. Everyone’s body chemistry is different, so test drive a product before going out on a date.

3. Soften that Beard

If your beard is super short, or coarse, there’s a chance that it could give your lady a rash, or painfully irritate her delicate inner thighs. Some women find this hot, but many don’t. Beard oil is a good option for softening things up if you don’t want to alter your existing facial hair.

Test the product on a small patch of skin, and ask your partner if she has any allergies before using it on your whole beard, just in case either of you have a reaction to it. Do your research to find the beard oil or conditioner that’s right for you.

4. Trim Your Nails

Long fingernails are a hazard when it comes to vaginas. Not only are they unsanitary and capable of causing bacterial infections, they hurt! There’s nothing sexy about having your clit scraped raw, or your vaginal lining torn by a long hard fingernail, so keep them short and clean.

The same goes for toenails (aka foot daggers). If left to grow, they can cause real bodily harm, and they are a clear sign that you’re not that invested in personal hygiene. Get a pedicure if you can’t trim your own. Your feet—and your partner—will thank you for it.

Beyond these basics, what grooming habits do you keep? Please share in the comments!

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