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In many of the lists I’ve written on what turns a woman on, sense of humour is often there, and high up on the list, too! And unfortunately, funny isn’t something you can learn. Another dating issue you may find is that a potential partner may have a sense of humour, but it just doesn’t jive with your own. They may like telling jokes which you can’t stand, or maybe your insensitive sarcasm isn’t their cup of tea.

I can deal with a hookup that isn’t haha funny, but when I’m looking for something more long-term, I need a man who can make me laugh. It really is a deal breaker, and I’m sure I’m not the only one out there, men or women who take the ability to make your mate laugh seriously.

When two people’s sense of humour is mismatched things like this happen…

1. One or both of you will try harder to be funny, resulting in a not so funny, get me outta here scenario.

2. Your partner’s sense of humour will either offend or annoy your friends and family who usually have the same prescription of silly that you do.

3. When they try to curb, change, or squash your sense of humour (which he/she doesn’t get) you’ll become resentful of not being accepted for who you are.

4. Your mate isn’t going to have that go-to bag-o-tricks (ribticklers) that lifts you up when times are tough.

I’ve had a few friends whose relationships went south, and it was only after that they admitted, “And you know what, he wasn’t very funny… he had a weird sense of humour, and I had to pretend to laugh.”

Do yourself and the ladies a favor, if you can’t make a first date laugh… move on to someone you can crack up.

Okay, so maybe I’m being too serious about finding a partner with a compatible sense of humour… but even the relationships that didn’t work out, the funny ones, have left me with memories I can laugh about.

How high is funny on your must-have list?

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