4 Facesitting Tips for Oral Only Hookups

For many men and women who love casual dating and oral sex, penetration isn’t always part of the plan.

Why Have Oral Only Hookups?

By excluding penetration from your hookups, you have less risk of infection and disease. For some, a hookup that is less intimate is preferable if it’s just a one night stand. And when time is a factor, oral is often the answer and best route to an orgasm.

Most people associate a quickie with a blowjob, but let’s turn the tables and put cunnilingus at the top of the menu, and on top of your face!

Facesitting is a real kink for some people who enjoy it regularly, but it can also be something for vanilla lovers to try. Not all women will engage in on a first date or hookup, but it does happen.

Here are some tips and strategies to make the most of your time in the facesitting position.

4 Facesitting Tips for Hookups

1. Taste Test First

Facesitting can last a few minutes, but it’s usually much longer with her sitting her pussy right over your face, moving her lips above yours, up and down and all around.

You may need to let her know when your mouth and nose are fully covered, when to lift up for you to catch a breath. It can be quite extreme, so you’ll want to know if it’s what you want before you commit.

I suggest trying facesitting after some light oral play has occurred, so you are not only comfortable being there, but you are also familiar to what she likes.

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2. Find the Right Position

A woman is going to sit on your face frontwards or backwards. In the front-facing position, she may enjoy grabbing the bed’s headboard to rock back and forward, or in a doggy variation, leaning forward past your head to control her movements.

If she sits facing towards your cock, leaning down and taking it in her mouth is easy, and a win-win. You’re essentially in the 69 position, with her on top.

I don’t think there’s anything I don’t like more than feeling a man devouring my pussy while his cock is sliding in and out of my mouth. It’s a heightened state of euphoria that never gets old.

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3. Be Her Sub

Maybe your oral sex hookup is already a natural dominant and you like being submissive to women. In BDSM circles, that’s the usual dynamic for those who enjoy facesitting on the regular.

If you are more vanilla and just starting to explore more exciting positions like facesitting, let her be in control—after all, she is topping you.

She might want to slap your cock as she grinds her pussy against your face, demanding that you bury your tongue inside as far as it will go. If this scenario tickles your ivories, just let her take the reins and see where it goes.

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4. Go for Broke

Goals are good. Make it your mission to make her come while facesitting during your oral only hookup.

Just as in any other position where you might be servicing her, let her verbal and nonverbal cues dictate where and how long you focus as well as the rhythm of your touch.

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Even for the woman who is on top, it’s an incredible feeling to submit to constant oral attention. You’re like the human vibrator that every woman would love to have—keep going until she explodes… and maybe wants more!

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What is your facesitting fantasy? Please share!

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