First Date Sex (without Penetration)

First-Date Sex

I’m considering a new policy for how to approach sex on a first date. I think it’s a way of both getting less hung-up on how it’s gonna play out and whether or not the hookup has any future potential. I’ve done this a couple of times (unintentionally), and the results were interesting.

First of all, I’m not gonna bother carrying condoms around in my pocket (if this plan of mine goes by the wayside at any point throughout the night, chances are she’ll have condoms of her own; or they’re easily found at any 7-11 in case of emergency, so no worries there). Carrying around a condom on a first date tends to make me feel obligated, and I don’t like feeling obligated. I’m also getting more and more prone to insisting (if only quietly to myself) on an initial sexual test-run, a kicking of the tires, if you will. And I happen to believe someone’s sex-drive/compatibility can be better experienced by what they do apart from the ol’ in’n’out, if you know what I mean.

Considering skin is the largest organ on the human body (yes, it’s an organ! all 22 square feet of it!), I like to think there’s plenty of sluttystuffs that can be done with it.

I think of oils—coating cocks, pussies, asses, breasts, palms. With the help of hands and mouth (and even those aren’t entirely necessary, but we don’t wanna go too catholic or nuthin…), there’s very little the naked body can’t make feel dirty. Have you never tried rubbing your stiff greasy cock along a woman’s nipples? Her neck? Between the crack of her ass? Who says you need to be inside a woman to have her clit-grind you until she cums?

The point is this: there are endless ways to make each other cum. Jumping straight to penetration seems like a dull place to start.

But if the two of you can find ways of getting off without penetration, just imagine what you’ll have to look forward to when you do finally go balls-deep! It’s an awesome way to discover each other’s sexyside, to build extreme anticipation, and—best of all—you can both still get-off on the first date.

Besides, who ever likes hearing, “You brought condoms? On a first date? Isn’t that a little presumptuous of you?”….

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