Better Kissing to Get the Girl

Do you think you’re a great kisser? Unless every girl has told you that you’re the best she’s had then don’t make that assumption. A lot of women are uncomfortable telling a guy that his kissing skills need improving, afraid to bruise his ego. Not me. Sure, there are the naturally talented smoochers out there, but most of us need practice to perfect our lip-locking abilities.

True fact: If you can’t kiss well, you are unlikely to make it past first base, and you can forget about a long-term relationship. Many women judge how a man is going to be in bed based on the kissing. Here are kissing 101 tips and info to help you get to home plate.

  • Kissing is a surefire way to arouse a woman. The lips have more nerve endings than our fingertips so a long and slow kissing session can do a lot more than what your fingertips can.
  • A first kiss should never be on the cheek. You’ll give her that icky sister brother feeling. But don’t go full throttle or mushy romantic either. Gentle pressure is best.
  • The closer you’re bodies are, the better your control of the kiss will be. And there will be some body heat as well.
  • Don’t forget your hands. Caress her hair, massage her back, rub her thigh, squeeze her behind. Let her know you can please many parts of her at one time.
  • Hot and steamy kisses elevate blood pressure and make your heart beat faster. This euphoric state will help you orgasm faster.
  • Keep your lips moist and supple otherwise you’ll want to lick your lips before leaning in which is a total gross out.
  • The tongue needs to wait. Follow these steps for a 30s kiss to 30min necking session: 1.closed mouth. mouth, no tongue. 3. open mouth with a hint of tongue. 4. tongue probing.
  • Never open your mouth as wide as it will go, she might think you’re trying to swallow her head.
  • Let your tongue wander without it pushing too far back in her mouth. You don’t want to make her gag.
  • You may be salivating (during a great kiss), but never let it get too wet. Sloppy never gets the girl.
  • Gentle nibbling and sucking of the lips is arousing, but no biting.
  • Fresh breath is a must.

Kissing can feel more intimate than what follows sometimes. Enjoy it and don’t rush. Girls will definitely appreciate your sophisticated technique and smooth moves.

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