Different Kinds of Chemistry to Look for in a Partner

Most of us, when we think of chemistry, think of the instant variety. You know, the hot kind of chemistry you feel as soon as you meet a potential new partner. You might feel awkward, at a loss for words, or tingly you know where! You feel sure that this new person in your life could be “the one,” or at the very least… “the one right now!”

Sexual chemistry isn’t the only kind of chemistry that pulls us towards another person and which can keep us connected in relationships, both short and long. In fact, many people say although this may feel like the most physical kind of chemistry, it also can fizzle out just as fast as it starts.

Comfort chemistry happens when you meet someone who you feel as though you’ve known for a long time. You have no trouble keeping the conversation going and are surprised how quickly you open up and share your innermost desires.

Fun chemistry occurs when you and someone new aren’t afraid to be silly or child-like, and you spend much of your time making each other laugh. A sense of humour is very high on the wish list of most people looking for a partner because no one gets tired of laughing.

Opposites chemistry encourages the notion that you are often attracted to others who possess the qualities you lack. You may wonder how two people so different can get along, but you shouldn’t question chemistry, of any kind – just enjoy it when it happens.

Mirror chemistry is the kind of connection that happens when you meet someone of a very similar personality, outlooks and values. Others may call you and your partner two peas in a pod, and you will find yourself enjoying similar activities, as well as having goals that align.

Remember, these various kinds of chemistry may overlap and combine for a very explosive connection.

What chemistry are you looking for?

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