Tips for Giving Her Multiple Orgasms

So you’ve given your partner an earth-shaking orgasm. Now what? Do you A: cuddle, B: roll over and go to sleep, or C: try to give her one more? Option C, obviously!

Women might have to endure the pain of menstruation and childbirth, but at least we have the ability to come a bunch of times a night! I’m not sure that it’s a totally fair trade-off, but I’m not about to wish it away. Here’s how you can help us make the most of our orgasmic superpowers.

Don’t Force It

Not all women want to have multiple orgasms. Shocking, right? As someone who only ever gets one at a time, you might wonder why anyone would opt out of having as many as they possibly can. Honestly, it can be exhausting.

Some women come really hard and feel that’s all they need. They’re satisfied and don’t want you trying for more. Ask her how many times she can come in a row. If she’s excited by this line of questioning, try to break her record. If not, don’t pressure her. Making her orgasm lots of times in one night doesn’t make you more of a man.

Be Open to Feedback

Communication is a big part of making multiple orgasms happen. She knows her body better than you and has probably made herself come many times in a row without anyone’s help. Let her guide you though the process. It might feel a bit awkward at first, like she’s teaching you how to assume a better golf stance or something, but soon enough you’ll get the hang of it and won’t need as much help next time.

Keep in mind that all women are different, and what works for one will not necessarily work for another. Be prepared to discuss your technique with each new partner you meet.

Lighten (or Intensify) Your Touch

One commonality between many women is the need to change things up between orgasms. My clit gets super sensitive after I come and I need a progressively gentler touch from one time to the next. Someone else might need the opposite.

Using a vibrator with different settings is a great way to achieve this incremental change in sensation. You can also vary things by switching from oral to finger stimulation, or a varied combination of both.

Tempt and Tease Her 

Building anticipation is another great way to bring on multiple orgasms. Bring her really close, then back off. Do it a few times, and she’ll be aching to come. When she’s at the point of absolute need, the lightest touch could set her off, and you just might end up giving her a series of orgasms without even trying that hard.

Think of skipping a stone on the water—that’s the kind of effect this technique can have. It takes some practice and a pretty solid understanding of your partner’s body and reactions. It’s not something that can typically be achieved during a one night stand, though stranger things have happened!

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