What is Your Favorite Female Body Part?

If you’re like most men, then you do have a favorite part of the female anatomy. A part that you love to admire from afar, even with strangers, and a part you definitely like exploring with a lover.

Sometimes I’m surprised by the places men can’t get enough of. Of course, I always expect them to pick an erogenous zone of sorts, but I’ve heard men drool over the napes of necks, ankles and wrists, and the lower back indent.

Hookup Land wants to know what womanly body part drives you mad with lust. Take this poll and check out the results to see if you’re not alone.

What is Your Favorite Female Body Part?

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Did we leave out your sweet spot. Tell us about it in the comments below.

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Just an aside: My fave body part on men is the forearm. A nice muscular forearm, maybe with a few tattoos can have me dreaming for days.

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