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Shower Sex Tips for Hot Hookups

Couple Kissing in Shower

I love taking baths with men, the feel of wet slippery skin on skin is so intimate. My boyfriend is 6’2 so sadly we can’t quite fit in my small tub together, but this hasn’t stopped me from enjoying that silky feeling of rubbing up against him—we just get it on in the shower instead.

Tips for Hookups in the Shower

Make sure you’re shower is clean. If you invite a woman home, you don’t want her running for the hills because your bathroom is gross. Always tidy your place ahead of time, just in case you do bring your date back.

Provide all the necessary amenities. It helps to have a female roommate, but if you don’t be sure to have some bubble bath, unscented soap, clean towels, moisturizer, and a fuzzy robe is always a nice touch.

Undress her. This is sexy foreplay that doesn’t happen nearly enough, but when a man takes a woman’s clothes off it’s a real turn on.

Wash her body and hair. You can kiss and all the rest, but soaping her back, breasts, and between her legs is hot. Massage her scalp while washing her hair if she wants to get her do wet, otherwise focus on her body.

Try various positions. Size, height, and flexibility will affect what positions work best, or if you and your partner can even have intercourse in the shower. Some of you will prefer standing, or having one person bent over, while others of you may feel best while down on your knees.

Play safe.
A bath mat or hand towel on the floor of your stall or tub is important, especially if you’re clumsy like me or had a few drinks. Expect shower sex to be awkward, so don’t hesitate to use any handrails or bars to avoid a dangerous mishap.

Take it to the bedroom. If you’re not feeling safe or relaxed enough, use the shower as your foreplay setting. Take your hookup action to the bedroom where you can go the distance in cozy comfort.

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