How to Thrust a Woman for More Pleasure

Want to improve your thrusting?

One of the most basic moves when it comes to primal sex is the thrust. Whether you are trying to plant a seed or not, it feels good for a man to thrust his cock into a woman’s vagina, and sometimes anus.

Some of you like to do a single exclusionary thrust after hours of foreplay, and some of you like to go in and out, finding that perfect rhythm that is in sync with how she’s moving her hips and pelvis.

So, is there a right or wrong way when it comes to basic thrusting? Not really, but there are many considerations that will make your thrusting more pleasurable for both of you.

5 Thrusting Tips for Men

1. Consider Her Position

You probably have a fave position to thrust a woman, and it may depend on your body size, height, your partner’s size and height, and just what turns you on the most. You might love doggy, like most men, but she may find it less satisfying because of the lack of eye contact. She might like being on top (which is a challenging place to thrust from).

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If thrusting is your thing, always be aware of the position your partner is in for longer sessions. She may want to use some extra pillows or to switch in and out of a position for comfort.

2. All Night Long Is Too Long

While thrusting is a basic staple in everyone’s sexual diet, it can’t be all there is. I had a short-term affair with a guy who had little else to offer. I don’t think he knew what foreplay was, so all he wanted to do was bang me from behind for hours. I was rubbed raw a couple of times, and ultimately this one-trick pony had to be let loose.

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3. Size Does Matter

The thrusting buddy I mentioned above had a huge cock, so while it felt good widthwise, it sometimes felt like he was going to come out of my stomach when he went for the deeper thrusts. A smaller to average-sized penis is actually the best for thrusting with reckless abandon.

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Whatever your size, have some lube on hand if you do want to thrust more than most. If a woman is rubbed raw, you won’t be seeing any action for quite some time while she heals, and that’s not fun for anyone.

4. Invite Her to Experience Thrusting

Not sure what I’m talking about? The strap-on, of course!

If you haven’t fantasized about having your lover wear a harness and strap-on dildo, go watch a few porn videos to wet your appetite. I’m still trying to convince my current beau to let me try one on him. He’s thinking about it, and I’m feeling hopeful!

Anal penetration for most men can seem like a big step if you’re straight, but fuck, does it feel good—at least that’s what my close dude friends tell me. If you have a dominant girlfriend in the bedroom, believe me, she’s probably dying to try!

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5. Practice Safe Thrusting

Safe sex is always important when you are enjoying casual hookups with women. A slip up can change your life forever, and not always in a good way. Sometimes you are tempted to throw caution to the wind, because you don’t have condoms and weren’t expecting to get laid, or you can’t keep your cock hard in the condom.

Whatever your reasoning to thrust a woman without protection, think again. The anxiety and results of sexually transmitted diseases or the risk of pregnancy are not worth the thrill of unprotected sex which is over in an instant.

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Are you the king of thrusting? What thrusting tips or techniques can you share?

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