Felching: Sex Squirting and Drinking

My Girl’s Going Raw!

I can’t believe I’m gonna admit to this, but I’m about to start living vicariously through one of my best friends. There’s no choice to be had: it’s not part of my lifestyle to do what he’s doing, but I LOVE that he’s giving me all the dirty deets (without her knowing, of course; but that’s what best friends are for!).

It took him quite a while to fess up. Normally an avid (and, like me, non-committal) dater, he’s instead been dating the same girl for some months now. When pressed, he insisted that neither he nor she were in it for anything more than casual sex. They weren’t “unconsciously” thinking about tying the knot; they were just really really really into each other sexually. Then he finally dropped the bomb:

Not only are they totally sexually compatible, it turns out she has a fetish she could no longer ignore—she’s into fluids, and was looking to share them, BigTime. As a porn-loving, high-threshold sexpig myself, I couldn’t help but consider he’d won the lottery (that kind of unsafe sex is usually only granted to committed/married couples—or high-risk rollers). They’d gone through the months-long process of having themselves thoroughly tested for STDs, came out clean as a whistle, and raised the bar to high-heaven.

Her fluid fetish (which he was thrilled to be a part of) was an oral fixation. This girl is all about felching!

First. She squirts like a hose, and insists he kneel below her pussy with his mouth wide while she sprays into it—but she won’t allow him to swallow, n-no, she likes when he pours it from his mouth into hers, so she can drink it.

Second. Not only does she like getting fucked in the ass, she’s not happy until he cums inside her ass. Why, you might ask? Because she then insists (in the sluttiest way possible) that he suck the cum out of her ass, and—just like her squirt—pass it to her open mouth, so she can swallow it.

Third. She has a theory: he should get his ass filled, too (and this is the part he goes CRAZY for!). She rolls him onto his back and forces him to be a submissive bottom. He reaches behind and spreads his ass while she squats above him. On cue, she fires a spray of squirt that lands right into his asshole—apparently hotter than boiled water. Enough for her? Not a chance: in fine felch-fetish fashion, she dives in and sucks her own squirt out of his ass.

I’m telling ya, it’s like the guy’s living in a hardcore German porno!

And I, for one, am more than happy to hear about every sloppy second of it.

I just hope to good christ she doesn’t ever read these blogs—otherwise he’s a fuckin goner…!

What’s your experience with women who squirt?

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