His and Hers Simultaneous Orgasms

Our partner’s orgasm can be one of the most exciting parts of sex. Witnessing and sharing the experience of their pleasure is amazing and adds to our own arousal and pleasure.

Men and women’s orgasms are very different, with different triggers and mechanics, and both genders can feel frustrated or left behind when trying to figure out how the other half works!

We shouldn’t stress over unknown territory but sometimes we’re concerned about whether a partner is faking it, making it, or making much ado about nothing.

I set myself and my partners at ease by saying this: it’s desirable to aim for his and hers orgasms, as many as possible, but not to worry or put too much pressure on if one or the other sometimes doesn’t happen.

An especially unique experience and huge turn on for me is the simultaneous orgasm, when we both come together in an epic explosion of sensation.

But while this is hot in theory and even hotter when it happens for real, it’s not an easy pursuit.

Tips for Simultaneous Orgasms

Know each other a little.

It’s unlikely that you will orgasm together the first time you hook up with a casual sex partner. You need to have some experience of each other’s bodies, so if you’ve been hooking up a few times, you’re better prepared to understand how each other are triggered to orgasm.

Practice makes perfect.

If at first you don’t succeed, try try again!

This act often needs polishing. You will get better at timing together, and it’s a lot of fun to practice this sport!

Foreplay and funplay are priorities!

Obviously, to get to orgasm, you both need to be turned on, primed, and ready to launch. Keep the momentum going with lots of kissing, petting, hands, and oral action.

Know when to hold ‘em.

The most successful joint orgasms happen because both of you get used to staying on the brink, at the ready, for the other. If you get to know your plateau, you can stay at this height or near it, ready to topple over and blow your load as soon as she starts coming, and vice versa. You just get to that point, and hold it back.

This prolonging of orgasm also intensifies the pleasure before the orgasm, and the orgasm itself!

Give yourselves a helping hand.

Far and away the best way to play is to incorporate mutual masturbation into the pursuit of simultaneous orgasm. Sucking and fucking and getting each other off is the whole point of hooking up, but bringing exact timing into the picture to allow you both to orgasm together happens best and easiest under the hands of the experts!

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