Guide to Anal Training and Stretching

Anal training and stretching can help you prepare for and enjoy a lifetime of anal pleasure.

Exploring the amazing sensations and variety that anal sex and anal play offer adds a whole new realm of pleasure and options for sex play, but many of us have a mental “exit only” sign on our back door.

Hesitancy might stem from negative associations and beliefs, but many who are open to or desire the full spectrum including anal sex have had painful experiences and don’t want to repeat them, even if there are fantasies involving ass play.

What Is Anal Training and Anal Stretching?

Anal training and stretching is exactly how it sounds—training and stretching the anus to prepare it for anal sex.

Our natural reflex is to keep our anus or anal sphincter tight. The body often responds reflexively to tighten it up, and we may associate tightness or pain with any attempt to penetrate the area.

But the anus is a muscle, and it can be trained like any muscle. Anal training and anal stretching can help us get comfortable with anal sex.

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Anal training might sound like a BDSM academy but it really just means getting your butt comfortable with anal stimulation and penetration.

You practice relaxing, touching, pushing, and penetration, starting with lube and fingers or a small butt plug. You relax while you get used to the feeling of having a finger or butt plug inside, then get used to the stroking sensation of sliding in and out, and gradually train your ass to take larger cocks or dildo toys.

The anus is like other muscles. If you do sports training, or yoga, you start where you are and gradually increase your stretches as your body accommodates them.

Why Do Anal Training?

If you or your partner want to experience anal sex, such as anal penetration with fingers, a dildo, cock, or even a fist, anal training and anal stretching can help. You can become “natural” at receiving anal penetration.

The anus is not designed like a vagina. The vagina is also full of muscles, but their natural response to pleasure is to open to receive penetration.

The vagina can also be trained and stretched to accommodate larger dildos. It is designed to stretch, with various hormone help at different stages of life, to accommodate childbirth. This is painful of course, but the vagina easily accommodates a variety of sizes of penetrating cocks and dildos and many women enjoy a very full sensation, especially if they are very aroused.

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The anus can also stretch, but the reflexes are different. Anal training can help you relax and control the muscle contractions, so that you can receive anal penetration.

Some might feel that anal sex should be spontaneous and happen on a whim. If some women have told you there isn’t enough time, they aren’t aroused enough, or that they need “preparation,” this gives you a clue to the fact that it’s not simply a back door that opens spontaneously. If you have tried to penetrate yourself with a finger or dildo you likely understand this!

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Anal training is simply practicing anal sex—preparing the anus for anal play and anal penetration.

You can get intense, exquisite pleasure from anal sex. There are many nerve endings in the anus that are enjoyable on their own. Men also have a prostate gland just inside the anus, and when stimulated it produces ejaculation. So anal play can feel good all by itself, produce more intense sexual sensations, and trigger orgasms for men.

For women, anal sex can offer an alternative to vaginal sex, intensify vaginal and clitoral pleasure, be stimulating and pleasurable on its own, or offer an amazing sensation of being “filled up” that is different from or doubles on vaginal fullness. Anal training and stretching can make these easy and pleasurable.

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How Far Can the Anus Stretch?

You have probably seen “gaping buttholes” porn, and that gives you an idea. Most anuses can stretch about three inches across! Most can fit a hand or fist with some effort—think about putting your hand through a bangle bracelet. A small to normal sized butt plug or anal dildo is a piece of cake!

How to Prepare for Anal Training

Prepare for anal training and stretching by taking a sudsy shower, so you’re feeling fresh and clean.

Have plenty of lube on hand. There are lubes marketed specifically for anal sex and butt play. You can read other people’s reviews online, but you’ll find your own preference by experimenting with different brands and formulas. Use as much lube as you need and apply more often! Have wet wipes handy and a few towels.

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You should also trim your nails as you may want to use your fingers as part of your anal training.

Honestly, relaxing is the most important thing, so practice “remembering to relax.” Return to this relaxed state every time you find yourself getting tense.

How to Stretch Your Anus Safely

Safely anal train and stretch by going slowly, using a lot of lube, and listening to your body.

Slow Down and Enjoy

Masturbate to stay relaxed and keep things pleasurable as you go.

Practice relaxing with a finger or small butt plug just inside and open, and then further in. Don’t rush. Start sliding slowly in and out when you feel ready, or next time.

Don’t hurry. Focus on feelings of pleasure and if there is any pain, add more lube and keep relaxing. Slow down.

Anal Training Toys and Kits

Use specially designed butt plugs or dildos that have flares at the base—your ass can pull the toy into your body, so toys designed for vaginal use are not safe!

Try an anal training kit that offer a series of insertable toys of different sizes. Anal plugs and anal training kit toys have a narrow tip so that insertion helps open the anus. You can practice relaxing with one inside you, and then learn to respond to the sensation of moving it in and out. Then you move on to another size.

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Never thrust a large dildo inside without working up to it, or without lube. The ass does not lubricate itself. Start small—pinky finger is a great place to begin!

Are you in the process of anal training or stretching? Please share your tips.

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