Dirty Text Messaging Tips, Games, and Ideas

Not sure about dirty text messages? Need some ideas and inspiration?

Here’s something that might surprise you: Women love talking dirty. We get turned on by dirty texts, sexts, and sexy text messages.

If you had a dirty text message go wrong, it’s probably because it was done wrong!

Or maybe you find tons of stuff online about what women can text to turn a dude on, but nothing for you about sending dirty text messages to her.

But don’t worry! We’ll tell you what you need to know about hot dirty texting and how your dirty text messages can make her wet.

How to Talk Dirty Over Text

Some tips on dirty texting will help you make the most of this powerful art of arousal.

Dirty text messages done right are part of foreplay, and they can happen when you’re not together, to keep things steamy even when apart!

You’ll want to keep the foreplay idea in mind, because it helps you make sense of why sending a raw dick pic that she didn’t ask for, while she’s in the middle of helping her mother at the nursing home, will upset her. You don’t start sex by unzipping and sticking it up her ass, do you? Same thing.

1. Start slowly, even shyly.

Let her know she’s on your mind. Let her know her body, her perfume, her clothes, her kisses, your memories are on your mind—whatever you have together so far. You can say something like, “I can’t stop thinking about Sunday afternoon,” rather than “My cock is hard, and I want to ram it into your hole.”

2. Put sex on her mind.

The whole point of dirty text messaging is to excite her and make her think of you. Reminding her of Sunday night is a potent tactic to start with because it will put sex on her mind. Remember that when a woman does not have sex on her mind, sex can be intrusive. You might not mind receiving a sudden pussy pic while signing checks at the office. But we’re not wired the same.

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3. Let her initiate the dirty text messages, or the pace.

You want to put sex on her mind and start slowly with dirty sexts, and then follow her lead. Ideally, as she starts to bask in the glow of hot thoughts and memories and fantasies, she’ll get more and more turned on and want more. Your attention will feel good to her, and she’ll want more where that came from. If she starts up with the dirty text messages, or responds to your slow burn messages, this is ideal!

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4. Be sure of consent.

You don’t want to turn a woman off by sending her unwanted sexual messages by text or any other way. If she doesn’t respond, or responds with no or any other sign that she’s not into it, take the hint. Dirty text messages that persist can be considered harassment, like any other unwanted sexual attention.

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If she doesn’t spell it out for you, she’ll still usually give you a good idea of where she’s at. No response is loud and clear. A coy “Not now, I’m at work… let’s chat later baby xoxoxoxoxxoxo” is also pretty clear.

5. Find her flavor.

Once you know she’s responding enthusiastically with dirty text messages of her own, and the time is right, and she’s in the mood, you’ll want to find her flavor.

The best way to do that is once again to let her take the lead. Start slowly and ease your way into it, letting her show you the kind of language she likes. You don’t want to send a tirade of degradation kink stuff if she’s not into that, or get too explicit too fast.

See what kind of language she uses. A safe start for dirty sexts is always how she makes you feel, how being with her or thinking about being with her excites you. It can move on from there.

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Dirty Truth or Dare Over Text

Dirty text messaging with truth and dare might seem more like a bachelorette game, but it’s an easy way to really launch into dirty texting and also to get to know each other. You can use it to end up having phone sex, or to ask each other questions about your kinks, fantasies, boundaries, or past experiences in a fun way.

Dirty truth or dare by text is just what it sounds like—the old Truth or Dare game from when we were kiddos, with an adult spin. You might ask each other to show you something by taking a picture, and truth might be to ask about a kink or an experience, such as “What’s your number one turn on?”

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Dirty Texts that Will Make Her Wet

Need some examples of sexy texts to send a woman? Here are some dirty text ideas to get you started:

  • I can’t stop thinking about you.
  • I can’t stop thinking about that kiss on Wednesday.
  • I hope you’re wearing that pink thong you bought on the weekend.
  • I keep touching myself thinking about you touching yourself.
  • I love the way you make me feel.
  • I love how your mouth feels on my cock.
  • You turn me into a wild animal.
  • I loved feeling how wet you were.
  • Your hair smells like strawberries.
  • I loved it when I was on my knees begging for you.
  • I keep replaying you showering in my mind.
  • I’m dreaming about licking your nipples so slowly.
  • I love the sound of you moaning.

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What are the best dirty text messages you’ve sent or received?

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