How to Get Laid Tonight

Ever feel you spend more time net surfing, social media networking and messaging, yet not enough time actually getting laid? 

If you’re like me, you find online dating stuff like searching, texting and sexting a lot of fun, and it’s addictive for awhile. But real life is waiting—the boss, the buddies, the gym.

You hoped looking for hot hookups would get you sex AND save  you time. If it seems like you’re wasting a lot of time and not getting much sex, what can you do?

Here are some easy tips to get laid tonight!

Be more direct about what you want.

You may be sending incomplete messages to the women you meet on dating sites. You’ve got to say exactly what you want to say. Women cannot read your mind. Really!

Make sure your profiles and first messages are very clear.

Skip “Frisky professional hopes to meet like-minded women for casual hang time.”—it’s vague.

Instead, try “Managing a busy garage takes most of my time. I love my job, but I also love to unwind with no-strings, drink dates and sex. I enjoy the usual stuff, especially giving oral—definitely on the vanilla side—but if you’re a healthy plus-size woman, even better. I’m free tomorrow night, are you?”

Keep the door open.

When you meet a hot woman you like, don’t close the door after your encounter.

I get that you don’t want a commitment or a serious relationship, but consider this: the most successful access to regular sex is when you have one or more companions that you already know.

Maintaining honest and friendly contact with women you meet doesn’t mean attaching strings to get tangled in. It means you can have a roster of fuck-buddy phone numbers.

You have a much better chance of getting laid tonight by someone you’ve already had sex with. Calling a woman you had a great time with last week or last year and saying, “Hey, Jen, it’s Charlie. I’m going to be in your hood later and was wondering if you’re free?” Done!

Message women who are clearly looking for casual encounters.

If this seems too obvious to mention, think of all those times you thought her photos were just so hot, and thought it couldn’t hurt to beg. She was looking for a husband and father, but hey!

My friend wasted several weeks—and went without sex—trying to convince a sexy MILF divorcee that a fling would be exciting.

Get your challenges elsewhere.

Sometimes you guys respond to ill-suited profiles as above because you try and get what you can’t have.

Understand that men love a challenge in love and sex. You’re probably unconsciously turning real sex possibilities away and wasting time on mismatched women because your ego wants to succeed in attracting women whose interests lie elsewhere.

The sooner you understand this about your sex drive, the sooner you can stop feeling bitter about women wasting your time. You’re probably wasting your own time by taking on these challenges. Forget about the women who are married, virgins, celibate, or looking for dramatically different kinds of sex than you are.

Respond to women who want what you want, but find ways to incorporate sexy challenges into your hookups and in other areas of your life.

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