Creative Ways to Masturbate: 9 Tips for Men

Looking for creative ways to masturbate, to freshen up your solo play?

Jerking off: everybody does it, but it’s still seen as lesser sex. And I get it—sex is exciting as something shared. It’s not just about your body, but about hers.

But your body is half the story, and you masturbate to relax, deal with the overflow of sexual desire, because you’re horny and no one is there at the time, or just for fun.

When was the last time you got creative in your masturbation play?

The vast majority of men and women have a kind of standard masturbation routine. They have their “way” and their “go-to” method, and use it over and over.

Why not use solo play time to expand your pleasure and experiment with new ideas? You can play them out in your mind.

Jamie, there are only so many ways a guy can play with himself, I hear you saying.

I disagree. Your imagination is the most important thing in your tool box, and you can use it when you’re alone just as you would use it when you’re with a partner.

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Most of us masturbate for maximum efficiency—to “get there.” We get it over with, like taking out the garbage. That’s fine. But once in a while, make your me-time something spicier.

9 Creative Ways to Masturbate

1. Try New Techniques

You don’t need to light a thousand candles or jerk off while jumping out of an airplane. Switch things up in smaller ways. Jerk off in a different position from your usual. Go for it first thing in the morning. Use the opposite hand. Lose the death grip. Try a different room in the house.

You can also explore different kinks all by yourself or try solo BDSM. You can try new toys—vibrating toys, or a pussy sleeve, or a cock ring.

Take your time, stretching out your session. Stop and start. Hold back, and take longer to get there.

2. Switch Up the Porn

The tried and true can get boring in porn, too. You know what gets you off, I get that. But do you know what else gets you off?

Remember those heady days when you first discovered the wild world of sex? You wanted to see every conceivable act, every type possible with no clothes.

You don’t have to give up your thing for cougars or chubby chicks to look at someone else. Maybe 90% of your fantasies involve threesomes or a particular kink. What about the other ten percent?

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3. Explore Erotica

You can switch things up by reading erotica instead of looking at it. Humans are incredibly visual creatures, but our language centers are also supercharged. Women have long known the power of written erotica, and many of us still prefer a titillating story to looking at porn.

If you haven’t explored good erotica, ask a lady friend for recommendations, read with cock in hand and see what happens.

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4. Skip the Porn

It can be hard to believe, but for thousands of years guys were helping themselves without any visual aids at all.

We have always used sexual imagery in paintings, sculptures, and other artistic mediums. But they may have been rare or crudely designed. An ochre outline of a yoni on a cave wall is not quite as racy as a pony training session or step-mother seduction at Pornhub.

But try it from time to time. Skip the visuals completely. Use your own imagination to conjure up what you desire, or focus entirely on the sensations.

5. Involve Other Body Parts

Most guys jerk off by pulling down their pants and placing one hand over the top of the shaft, maaaaybe moving their hand up and down the whole cock.

Wanna get creative with your masturbation? Touch your balls. Stroke your perineum. Pinch your nipples. Stroke your whole body in between cock strokes. Move your body around as if you are dancing or stretching. Pump your muscles. Stand, bend, squat. Put a foot on a chair. Feel your legs, buttocks, chest, biceps, nuts.

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6. Get Your Ass Involved

Some guys love anal play and taking it up the ass with a beautiful blonde in a strap-on. Yay for pegging!

But if you’re the shy sort or private type, solo time is the way to enjoy the amazing sensations of your butt hole and prostate.

You have so many nerve endings around and inside your anus that just stroking the outside of the hole will make your orgasm crazy strong, trust me. You can experiment with penetration with a small butt plug.

Whether or not ass play is something you want to share with a lover, solo play is the best way to get acquainted.

7. Don’t Finish What You Started

If you masturbate too much, or you are an older guy, you might naturally be tired after orgasm. Don’t skip the arousal and pleasurable journey. Lots of ancient texts encourage guys solo or with lovers to build excitement, then hold it in.

This can mean a heightened sense of arousal that you’re not used to, an “unfulfilled” state. This is actually extremely pleasurable and energizing. Remember when you were 23 and always horny?

When you do come, it will be epic!

8. Choose New Lube

Most guys use the same hand cream, Vaseline (UGH!), or dry hand they always have. This is silly when you probably have lube in your toy box for her. Lube is made for the dick, pussy, and ass. And it works much better.

Try a new lube to change sensation. The silicone glide is sensual, and the warming versions are fun.

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9. Take a Break

If you are tired, depleted, or bored, a break can change everything. Maybe you’re jerking off because that’s what you always do before bed. Change your ways. Take a day off, or a few weeks off. When you return, your excitement will be back too.

How do keep your masturbation creative and exciting? Dare to share!

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