Reasons to Masturbate More

I get it—what’s fun for one is even better with somebody else. Sex is meant to be shared, or we wouldn’t need dating, hookups, or relationships.

But there are times when we find ourselves home alone, and there is no reason to feel sorry for ourselves. A world of pleasure awaits. It’s natural to want a partner for sex, but when we don’t have that, here’s why we should celebrate solo love.

Improved Health

Masturbation improves your health by releasing stress, increasing circulation, regulating hormones, releasing endorphins, and positively affecting your mood.

Regular masturbation can help prevent headaches, reduce menstrual cramps, maintain prostate health, and increase pleasure and happiness.

No Drama

Dating, hookups, and relationships are fulfilling because human contact and connection are good for our health. But they carry with them the kind of baggage that flying solo never does.

People come with complications. Sometimes we find ourselves in too deep. Our desire for sex can make us impulsive or makes us tune out risks and consequences. Suddenly, we are closer than we wanted to be to someone else’s emotional baggage, marital problems, or other drama.

Taking matters into our own hands means we can avoid other people’s drama. As an outlet, it helps us choose more carefully when it’s worth being embroiled.

Safest Sex

You’ll never get a phone call from the government saying you owe twelve years in back pay of child support for a cozy night in by yourself! You won’t catch anything in the way of sexually transmitted diseases.


Of course, sex with an actual woman can be worth driving through a snowstorm, risking life and limb.

But let’s face it, some of us are horny a lot. You can’t fit enough dates in to satisfy the number of occasions your dick rises to attention. You can’t always buy dinner or popcorn or sit through the movie.

You can jerk off without getting out of bed first to floss and brush. You can jerk off in the shower after working out, or you can skip the shave. You don’t have to go through a lengthy text conversation only to find out she’s busy, and you don’t have to head off to a date only to come home without any because she didn’t feel any chemistry.

Satisfying Kinks and Fantasies

Maybe the women you’re meeting just aren’t into your kinks. Maybe your girlfriend IS kinky, but there are some sexual proclivities you don’t share.

Maybe you fantasize about someone you will never have—Marilyn Monroe, a 19th century French courtesan, or your boss.

For some of us, we have kinks that are ethically impossible to act out, and some are LITERALLY impossible—sex with aliens, say, or hybrid mythological creatures that don’t exist.

Masturbation makes the impossible possible. We can indulge an impossible kink or have what we can’t have, in our minds.

Better Partner Sex

Sometimes you’re so desperate and horny, the dang rocket goes off before she’s even taken off her panties. And there are times you choose unwisely because the damn thing is close to bursting. You might act selfishly in bed because it’s been so long, racing toward the relief of the finish line and not making good use of your chance to touch her naked body.

Masturbating regularly helps you last longer, enter into sex more mindfully, and enjoy each moment.

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