How Sexy Role Plays Can Improve Your Life

Did you know that role play can improve sex and improve your life? Here’s why.

Roleplaying is fun.

Why wait for Halloween to dress up as Mozart, a stripper, or the devil?

It doesn’t matter your age, role plays will bring out your playful and imaginative side.

Role plays let you live out your fantasies.

Role play can mean acting out your deepest sexiest fantasies. It can liberate you to express the things you want, to trade places for a moment with someone you want to be, to live the sexy dreams in your mind.

Don’t argue that it’s “not real.” If you’ve ever watched a great film, you see how real the unreal can be. Our mind experiences emotions in pretend situations as intensely as it does in real ones—that’s why you cry and laugh at weddings and funerals in books and movies.

For those with impossible fantasies—that your fuck buddy is a virgin again, or that you’re a world famous footballer—role play gives you access to that in ways nothing else can. You can’t make the impossible happen, but you can experience a close proximity for an orgasm or two.

Role play can be a bridge between kinky and vanilla partners.

Role play can be super kinky and it can be straight up. It’s one place where both kinky and vanilla folks can experiment together and find middle ground.

It works for individuals, couples, and groups.

Once when I was in between lovers, I wished I was a super girly blonde with lots of lace and lip gloss and men calling me all night.

In a moment of clarity, I strode into a shop and bought an Anna Nicole Smith wig and some pink panties and dresses, then went to a hyper trendy nightclub. I flirted in ways not at all like me, drank fancy martinis instead of beer, and danced the night away.

I got so turned on by the attention and by playing the part that by the time I got home and started playing with myself, I was practically coming already.

So, yes, you can dress up for yourself or act out another persona even if it’s just for masturbation.

Role play works great between two and if you’re into threesomes and orgies, the scenes can get more elaborate. Role play is versatile for any combination.

Roleplaying can keep the flames burning for monogamous couples.

Long-time couples complain about bed death, or just accept that the initial surge of attraction fades as they become familiar. They trade in a deep acceptance and love for the thrill of the new.

But some don’t think there is a trade off at all. They simply keep sex on the menu, accept its changes as normal variations, and invest in the time and energy for sex the way they would with a new date.

Role play is an endlessly versatile way to experience the same person. They play someone else. So do you. It gives you new visuals, and adds variety to the repertoire.

Sexy role play improves communication.

Partners can learn better to negotiate boundaries and open up when they have to communicate desires and plan a scene. The improv aspect is also revealing and helps aid communication.

Putting yourself in someone else’s shoes and trying to speak in their voice broadens your range. All the make believe and banter in role play can greatly benefit your real relationships!

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